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How Would The Conte Chelsea Title Winning Tactic Of 16/17 Season Be Represented In FM21?

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Hello Everyone


Been playing on various saves at the moment including a Man City Pep replica that I really enjoyed. Didnt win the league but no signings and scored 94 points and played really nice football so on the whole id say it was a good experiment to try.


Ive been thinking about the Conte back 3 wing backs style tactic used in the title win at Chelsea a lot recently and ive seen a few good videos on youtube and read some good articles about people who tried to create this tactic back on FM17.


The game has moved on since FM17 though in terms of roles, player instructions, and the addition of the in transition instructions into the game too.


Ive been interested in doing a save in Serie A at the moment with Juventus, and I notice through the friendlies and team reports, many teams favour a back three and wing backs in Serie A.


It seems like from the squad, that a Conte style 3-4-3/wing back system would be great for a team like Juventus in my opinion, because obviously Conte was a former manager but also the squad shares quite a lot of similarities I believe with the way the squad was utilised by Conte at Chelsea:


1) A ball playing defender that can bring the ball out from the back and initiate attacks from deep in Bonucci, partnered either side by two solid centrebacks. This is what I would call the "David Luiz" role.

2) Wingbacks come midfielders who offer the width, pace and energy. And arguably a lot of the creativity. I could totally see Alex Sandro and Cuadrado as the "Alonso and Moses" wingback type roles.

3) A combination of a wide forward player who has great dribbling, vision, technique and who likes to cut inside. A "Hazard" role, which you could utilise Kulusevski or Dybala in, mixed with a wide forward who likes to attack the box in an Inside Forward/Raumdeuter style and get onto cutbacks and through balls, a "Pedro" role, which i think would really suit Ronaldo, mixed with a link man in the middle. Morata possibly, holding up the ball, playing it wide to the attacking wing backs, attacking the box himself, playing a "Diego Costa" role for the team.


Now obviously, bear in mind that this tactic will be flipped around, as Hazard and Alonso played down the left, and Moses and Pedro played down the right, so in the case of Juventus, flip this around.


Im thinking the Chelsea Conte shape and roles could probably be represented like this:



If the shape and the roles are fairly on point, obviously some could be changed a little like using an inverted winger role rather than Trequartista, or deep lying forward rather than false 9 as an example, but in terms of instructions im probably thinking:


Mentality: Positive

In Possession: Focus play down the left and right, play out of defence, shorter passing

In Transition: Counter Press, distribute to centre backs and full backs

Out Of Possession: Higher defensive line, Higher line of engagement, offside trap (maybe).


There would need to be some PI's in there too for sure, but im thinking of this as a starting point of building something Conte-esque.


Would be great if anyone has any thoughts on how to recreate that particular tactic in FM21


Thanks Everyone

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Apologise if this is not quite related to Conte's tactics.  

I am Chelsea's fans and like Conte's tactics but I think its not as powerful as it is to have wingbacks and inside forwards together.  I prefer wide-midfielders.  

I prefer wider midfielders who can run inside or run wider instead of wing backs and inside forwards, sometimes wing backs and inside forwards will get too close with each other.  

I also think best position for Dybala is attacking midfield rather than wingers.  

I think Ronaldo are now more like a compete forward than a inside forward at Juventus, should leave the whole byline to Chiesa and Bernardeschi, they are younger and can produce more.  

Downside for this tactics is too attacking and will lose the byine to the opponent's wing backs and wingers.   

I could be wrong but I also want opinion on the Wingbacks + Inside forwards vs Wide midfielders option.   


Screenshot 2021-03-03 164931.png

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