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ERROR 2B201726

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Hi @Garys2609,

Thanks for contacting us.

Could you let me know what your device that you are running the game on currently is - also have you ever been able to play the game or does this message always appear?



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Thanks for getting back so quickly. I have a lenovo tab 10.3 inch screen octacore chip FHD plus I also played this on my phone with the same account this is the first time it's happened 

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I am receiving a message on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 about an error code saying I bought the game, Football manager touch 2021 from an unofficial source, I bought the game off Google app store, I have played this game loads and today it's started to display this message 

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Posted (edited)

I also have this error, I have been playing for months with my tablet within my home and WiFi available however, I have taken my Samsung s7 tablet out to work and on lunch time I was wanting to play FM but I got the same error as previous posts.  Can anyone help as to why this happens and how how fix?

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