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Incorrect Press Conference Question in corner case Italian League Situation

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Managing Napoli, in 2032, I am against Zebre in the semi-final of the Italian Cup, and one of my league games against Zebre was scheduled in between the two games of the Cup tie.  I won the 1st leg in the cup and, subsequently, drew the league game.  I am now at the press conference before the second game of teh Cup tie and was asked a question in the press conference that assumed that I drew the CUP game.  I have a save game if you need it, though I will be honest and say that to my mind this is such an odd occurrence that I'm not sure it is worth the programming time to fix.

Cheers for a great game!

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Hey @ZenSoCal

A bug is a bug, so we'd still like to investigate it and get it fixed, no matter how small!

If you could upload the save and let me know the name of it when you get a chance it would be much appreciated :)


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Posted (edited)

Hey @Kyle Brown


I have uploaded the save file named Napoli-Zebre Three Match in a Row Press Conference bug.fm  .  You can see the match history in the schedule and the top email in the Inbox is the press conference notification.  The question is the first question asked at that press conference.  Happy bug hunting!


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