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[Suggestion] Staff Adverts


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I like to play the game as close to real life as possible, which this game does allow but the staff section seems to be very limited

I'm also very hands on with the staff and like to go through my whole team and see what I need but I like to use the advertise job feature which is very limiting unfortunately  

It would be great if 

1. You could place a job advert for how many of that position you want filled. currently if you want 3 new physios every time you hire one from the job advert candidates the advert closes and you have to keep placing new adverts  which takes at least 3/4 weeks to get an excellent rating for candidates.

2. you could place adverts for jobs when you know your not going to re-new their contract, currently if your staff members contract is running out and you know you don't want to re-new you can't place an advert before had you have to wait til the contract ends before you can place an advert.

although staff if not something most care about i still think these 2 features would add to the immersion for those that do

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