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Just started a new game and as part of the interview I said I would work with the existing staff - therefore promising the board no changes apparently

However the first team staff (plus other areas) are understaffed so I tried to bring in more (the board even say we need more people) but they have been cancelled by the board citing my promise. Would totally understand if I was trying to do mutual terminations or terminations but stopping me adding where there are gaps seems like a bug / quirk

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Have this too. Made a promise to not have a staff smaller than 44. However when I want to hire more stuff within the places available they cite the same promise saying I can’t hire more staff too. I would have never agreed on this promise if it meant I couldn’t higher any new stuff even though I have lots of spaces left : example I only have 4 trainers and 8 spots but can’t hire anymore until the promise has ended ...

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