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I just don't know what to do anymore. I set training up to include some form of 'defending set pieces' routine every week. I've tried numerous tactical changes everything from the default, to man marking, to zonal, to a mix of both. I continue to concede from set pieces...every time it's a free-kick, every time one or two players are completely unmarked. Usually it's an overload on the back post, or a player is completely unmarked around the penalty spot (see below).

Don't know if this is tactical, or if my players don't have the right attributes for set pieces, or could this potentially be a bug? In which case this post will need moving (sorry). 

I get this happening all of the time. Very frustrating as I'm favourite for relegation. I seem to hold out the entire game and just give away a shoddy goal from awful marking (see below).


Screenshot (16).png

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I'm 3rd in the league, and I had these issues throughout promotions. Screenshot above shows 3 attacking players in the 6 yard box being marked by 6 defenders, whilst 3 players sit in the box unmarked. 

You don't see this defending in Sunday league football. 

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