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Match Sharpness Icon and Fatigue


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I know some of this has been said, but...

I have a pre-Winter update save. If I close FM21 down using anything other than the default skin when I reload there will be no Match Sharpness Icons in any Squad or Tactics view. The Fatigue column will also be blank.

I looked this up and went into AppData/Local and removed my Cache folder and my preferences folder. Restarted the game Icons were there, but when I closed down FM21, with anything other than the default skin, they disappear. 

I have two computers and this happens on both computers.

Currently what I have to do is before I exit switch to the default skin then close down the program. When I restart then load in any skin I want to use.

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10 hours ago, rosek said:


It's a problem with your skin.

You have to see with the autor if he can resolve the problem.



Thank you. Yeah, I think I figured that out about 20 minutes after I posted.


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