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Match Fitness not displayed after 21.3.0 update

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Hey lads.

After the latest update the match fitness (in german Spielpraxis [SPx]) isn't displayed anymore. The same issue was confirmed by 4 other players, so I have to think it is a bug and not our fault.

As you can see the Match Fitness Value (or graphic) isn't shown in the player profile or in the column (SPx in German) in your team overview. What's even weirder is that if you do a mouse-over , the game tells you falsely that the player is not fit at all. As you can see in the screenshots the combined columned for condition and match fitness works perfectly fine.

I need to mention that this bug occured with every skin I used , even with the standard fm skin!


If you have any questions or stuff I should try or anything else, please feel free to say so.

thanks and greetings from germany





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  • SI Staff

Thanks for your post @d-g0. This isn't something that I've seen widely or reported or managed to reproduce internally, so I'm not sure what could have caused it. If you have a save game that displays this issue could you upload it for us to have a look at, please?

Does the match sharpness level show anywhere else correctly, on the tactics page, for example? 

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  • SI Staff

Thanks for the save @casederik. I've loaded it internally and Match Sharpness is displaying correctly for me. Could you confirm whether you play the game with a custom skin? Does seem like it's probably a UI issue and potentially skin related, so hopefully my colleagues on that forum will be able to provide some more help. 

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Sorry for answering this late. But better late than never: here is what fixed it for me:


1. Start the game (do NOT load a savegame)

2. Go to Options/Preferences in the Game Main Menu

3. Change to "Football Manager" Standard Skin.

4. exit the game

5. Start the game

6. load your save (the match sharpness already should be displayed within the standard skin)

8. load your favorite custom skin ( and here it should be displayed correctly again, too)


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