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Game score changes after simming to next time

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I thought I would raise an issue, I play FM21 online with friends and rarely but has happened 3 times now, the score of my game changes after full time and after we continue to the next time. Im not sure if this an issue on my end of a bug in the game. For example I played one game and won 7-1, after simming next to the next time, It said i only won 3-1. It gives completely different events too so its like I simmed the game!


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Hi @ryanperry320, whilst playing the match where the result ended up being different can you recall if you did anything different? Maybe did someone spectate your match or join the online game whilst you were in a match? Any additional info would be appreciated :) thanks

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Good Evening, I got very similar case as @ryanperry320 with my friends. While I was playing my match (my friends were spectating). My game finished 0:1 after 90 minutes. I was furious at my players (it was cup match against semi-amateur team). After team talk I click continue and then I was little confused. I got achievement "Victorious" and my friends told me that I played very entertaining game with dramatic finish (they see completely different game that finished 3:2 for my team) :):)

In the next match my friend on his screen won 2:0 in a league match but the rest of us (3 people) saw the ending result as 1:1 (in league table he receive one point for this match).

very weird situation :)

best regards


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Posted (edited)

Happend to me just a minute ago... Won 4-2 from Man Utd and after we all pressed continue I lost 1-3... 

Game version: 21.4.0-1540190 (M.e v21.7.0.0)

Game created on version: 1503138

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