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Competition not playing every year


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As part of my fictional national league I have a series of under 21 competitions, and for some reason they are only playing every 2 years


and I cannot find the reason behind this. They are set to play every year,

image.png.babbb0ce5ca6b8de2b97470d02116914.pngSamsara 3.03.fmf

Also at the end of the group stage there is a playoff for the champion of each region. Then each of these teams qualify for the ntional finals, I can get them to qualify, but the cometition just is not playedimage.thumb.png.4bd6625ba0c523c70a327bd956e4101b.pngimage.thumb.png.96c77e4a7c3a3aeaafe025415b47ae65.png



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vor 2 Stunden schrieb nasaiain:

That bit is working OK, 2022 covers the 2022/23 season, and this competition takes place right at the end of the season. The teams qualify on the 15th April, with the first match on the 29th. It all gets scheduled, it just doesn't take place.

Upload your File so I can take a look.

EDIT: I have only just seen that it is already there. 

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