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[Suggestion] Unresricted youth team tactics

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Re-raising a feature request that has been brought up several times in the past, as I don't feel that SI have satisfactorarily responded to this suggestion, and have not satisfactorarily communicated why this design decision was made.

In previous FM games (either FM18 or FM19 and before if memory serves), you were able to change the tactics used by your youth teams, and even make them use the same tactic as the first team if you wanted to. But in the past few FM games, at least if you have taken control of the youth team's Individual Training, this choice has been taken away from you - for no discernable reason - and your youth teams are now restricted to the first team tactics.

The decision to restrict youth team tactics is "by design", and I truly don't understand why this is the case. What if I want to let the U19 Manager dictate the U19 team tactics? What if I want to change player roles? What if I have an Inside Forward on the left wing for the first team, but only have Wingers for the youth teams? What if I want to play with a Positive mentality for the first team but Balanced for the youth teams? What if I want to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation for the first team but 4-3-3 for the youth teams? The list goes on and on.

At the very least, the option to choose between "Use first team Tactics / Youth Team Manager chooses tactics / First Team Manager chooses tactics" should be reinstated.

I'm not the only person requesting this or raising this issue either:



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