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Not really sure where to post this, but after thinking about buying FM21 for a long time i finally took the decision today.
BUT......when starting up a game and going to choose the start date for the season every option is greyed out......
So under "GAME START DATE" i can only choose Early 2020/21 Pre-Season (27/7/2020).

I would like to select a more realistic start up date like 8/2/2021 from the Irish League. Am i missing something here? 

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This happens when i select Leyton Orient from League two in England. If i try another club, like Aberdeen in Scotland i can change the Game start date. But not when selecting the team i want to manage....

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Sorry for hijacking this thread, but i cant start up the game. 
If i only add Leyton Orient and no other leagues i can change the Game start date, but when adding just the Irish Leagues all the options for Game start up are greyed out....
I would appreciate if someone could try to replicate this and see if they encounter the same problem.


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