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Windowed/Full Screen Preferences do not save - Mac

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Dear Team,

Interface preferences do not save on Mac version - you can change them in game from Full Screen to Windowed but these are reset back again after saving and quitting game.

Version is 21.2.2 - 1503138 

MacOS is BigSur 11.2.1

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Having the same problem with the same version of FM and BigSur. 

Setting the startup properties to "--small_screen --windowed" does not force it windowed.

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100% of the time in my case, both when closing the game through the in-game menu or just through a right click on the icon in my dock.

My OS is version 10.14.6, by the way.

I have tried the cache-clearing steps on the SI support pages, but that also doesn't solve the problem. Neither does the change of the starting properties in Steam.

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Hi Everyone,

Could you send us your cache and preferences files through here please:


Let us know when they are sent and what they are named so we can continue investigating.



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On 23/02/2021 at 10:31, Harrison Modeste said:


Thanks for getting in touch.

I've forwarded this issue on to our Dev Team to investigate.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused,


After updating to 21.3, the game is opening in windowed mode for me.

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