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I have got a decent 4-3-1-2 tactic, tried it with a couple of teams and doing well...  but I had a query on footedness!

I always try and have a left footer on the left of my midfield 3, that's because I play with a Carriero and feel its better when he drifts out wide, but when it comes to the AM - PF - DLF I just play with all right footed players.

Would it make a difference if the player on the left of the diamond was left footed, or does that not make any difference, how big a part does footedness play in the game, considering I am playing with a narrow tactic?


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Strikers should if possible both be right footed, while lcb and lb should be left footed, rcb and rb right footed 

For the whole midfield strong foot don't make a significant difference 

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