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This is a presentation of the tactic i've been working on, in this years FM.

It's a 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 and it was some kinda forced, cause of the players Juventus has at the beginning of the game. I had problems making a 4-3-3 work the way i like and also having a quote of Pirlo in my head where he said that the juve midfielders, in real life, can play only as a two-paired combination. It has worked miracles so far, with domestic and european success. Two unbeaten Serie A titles, Golden boots and Ballon Do'r's for the AF.

This is it


And this is last years standings


There are changes that happen, based on the opponent (formation and style). When i play against a top heavy pressing system i up the tempo and focus play on the flanks (since i found that i destroyed Inter 5 times in a row, home and away :) ). When i play against a low league team which park the bus i switch from pass into space to wbib + focus on flanks if i dont find the net after 20m. I also adjust the LOE rarely, if the opposition roams between my lines.

As you can see there are diamonds created in different areas. The most important of them are the CM(d)-AP(s)-DLF(s)-IF(s) and AP(s)-IW(s)-AF(a)-DLF(s). 

The idea was to have ways to play around the box, with quick one-twos and then exploit a smart kinda-third man movement for a 1v1 with the goalie. Most of it goes by the AF but the players in AML/R strata also contribute in scoring.

As almost everyone knows or guess the main attributes for this kind of play are anticipation, off the ball, teamwork, agility, first touch, pass, vision, flair. What I was looking for then were the traits and its like that:

AF: beats offside trap

DLF: comes deep, tries killer balls, dictate tempo, plays one-twos

IW: moves into channels, plays one-twos, cuts inside from left wing (or both), tries killer balls

IF: gets further forward, cuts inside from right wing (or both), plays one-twos, tries killer balls

AP: gets further forward, tries killer balls, switches ball to flanks, dicate tempo, slow game

CM: comes deep, tries killer balls, dictate tempo, plays one-twos, slow tempo

WB: gets further forwars, run at left, plays onen-twos

BPD: marks tightly, bring ball out of defense

BPD: stays back, marks tightly, bring ball out of defense, tries long range passes

CWB: plays one-twos, gets further forward

Next post i will bring up the PI's. I'd like to read any suggestions coming from this magnificent forum :D

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7 hours ago, JoOSTAR said:

Looking forward to your next post. The results are awesome. Did you train Odegaard as a DLF? How are his stats in that position?

odegaard's been bought in the half of last season. He was magnificent at the start but he had a bad run of form, especially in continental games. Maybe it's my fault also cause i was very harsh from the first bad game he had.

This is his stat screenshot of that year .



6 hours ago, amadeo said:

How does it work with smaller teams?

I really don't  know. I ve played this tactic in the Dutch league with PSV. In europe we had some good games and went to the semis of the UEFA cup. As any tactic that brands that style of football, it can't be played without ok players. I believe it can happen with a team like sevilla or atalanta in a good level.

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now about the PI's.

WB: Stay wider

CM: take more risks

AP: close down more

IW: sit narrower, take more risks, get further forward(if he doesn't have the trait)

IF: get further forward(if he doesn't have the trait), stay wider

DLF: roam from position

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