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No cup logo when I win the Champion's League

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Hi everyone,

In my Home Page, i have all logo of cups i won this year, but the Champion's League logo doesn't appear and stay on the score of the last match.

It did it everytime i won the champion's league in my game, and even if i wait some days past, it will never appear ...

In other competitions, there is a message saying "competition ended at "14/08/2024" ... but not in Champion's League. Maybe that the problem come there ? It seems that Champion's League isn't "Ended" ? 

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help :) 


Capture d’écran (87)_LI.jpg

Capture d’écran (115)_LI.jpg

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On 23/02/2021 at 13:25, Francis Mooney said:

Hi @Stevenel, thanks for the feedback. Do you still have your save where this is present? If so, could you upload it to our cloud please? Details on how to do so can be found here:


Done it :) 

Here is the filename Lionel Dauby - Chelsea testing save.fm

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