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Hi everyone,

Since the begining of my first game on FM21, i set my Assistant Manager to answer to all press conferences.

But the game ask my opinion everytime ! my possibilities are often to answer or decline ... On past FM, i could say "Ask my Assistant to answer". I haven't this option now.

But it shouldn't happen because i asked my AssMan to do it in Staff responsibilities.

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help

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Those questions you're being asked aren't available to be delegated in the responsibilities as they're from journalists directly to you to get a quote. It's not an official press conference, hence why it still appears.

It wont block you from continuing, and if you don't respond it'll just 'decline to comment' on your behalf when you move past it.

It's just not something you can send your AM to answer for you, as the journalist is contacting you directly.

Hope that's clear enough :) Let me know if you still have questions!

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No problem!

It's relatively new yes, before we used to only have the press conference events, we since added the ability for journalists to contact you directly for a quote :)

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