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Icons blurry and no logo on kit


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I have the issue the icon logos on the league table are blurry. 

My custom logo doesn't show on my kit.

Also as you can see currently it has the liverpool icon on the left this was just a test provided by someone in a discord but they couldn't help me further with the logo not showing on the kit.

The coding is all fine, the dimensions are fine but I just can't get it to work. I beg someone knows a fix and wants to help me out here.

Edit: 2nd attachment as you can see or maybe its me the icon is a bit stretched out. Its the same dimension as what the rest of the small icons have in their folder. (25x18) now when I changed my custom logo to 20x18 it would not be centered properly so I've put it back to 25x18. But it looks a bit stretched out.

Edit2: THE MAIN THING I want to have fixed is the blurry icons on the league table and that I don't have my logo on my kit.



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Are you using a logo pack there @Jefkovic?

If a logo / icon pack isn't made correctly it can look like this (not all of them end up blurry)

Removing and clearing your cache + preferences folders should get FM looking right:

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