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TACTICS PANEL - Custom Styles Disappearing - Constantly Need Reloading


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Apologies as always if this is an issue mentioned elsewhere, but I can't see such.

It's infuriating me that the Custom Styles in the Tactics Screen always disappear. I have 4 in use constantly: Home, Away, Counter, and Attack. Three of these pertain to my three Tactics while the Away Style is there for tough away games. All four have been developed manually, not chosen from the system defaults.

The bug that occurs is that they always disappear. Every time I progress the game and return to the tactics screen, the Customs Styles list is empty and I have to reload from file. Then on the next progress, they're gone again. This is on Mac Catalina and the Game is up to date. I am using a custom skin, but this bug persists even on the default skin. It's really very annoying.

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