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Adding more tactics slots with restrictions due to havingg 'main tactics' and their alternatives


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I have an idea about increasing number of tactics slot.

Currently players tend to have 1 main tactic with 1 or 2 their variations like lowering mentality etc (control/sustain).

This makes impossible to changing your 'main' tactic without either removing one of your previous tactic variants (control/sustain) or removing all of them and changing to new tactic with it's new variants.

My suggestion is to make a additional tactic 'type'. You would still have 3 'main' tactics but under every one of them you can put up to 3 variations of this particular tactic to make said control/sustain variants available.

To not overcomplicate things and not letting player having 9 different tactics this may come with restriction that for example: variant tactics cannot have different formation and roles, they come only with different mentality/team and player instructions and different duties.

This would help to transition between more than 1 tactic because your players can be training and getting familiar with new tactic without having to leaving your old one behind straight away.

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