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Question about removing the Bosman Rule, its effect on teams and players

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So I am wondering how the landscape of a nation changes if you remove the Bosman Rule. I have never tried it before, Mostly because I don't really know my way around nation rules, and my computer is not the best so it would take a long time to sim on my own to see the results. I have a Switzerland filé(more of a Liechtensteine filé tbh) that I am messing around with, so if this makes it harder for foreign teams to poach players I am all for it

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Do you want to prevent other nations from recruiting in Switzerland? If that's what you want, you have to change the rules in each nation one by one. If you simply do it in Switzerland it will be Switzerland that will be under this rule.

Otherwise you can adjust the recruitment preferences of each country. Wolf_pd has created a topic (Iron Curtain) in the download section of FM 2020 where he talks about it very well. For my part I have removed the Bosman rule from several nations and the result is great (in my opinion) e.g. the French return to France, etc... After a few years the effect can be seen in all the championships where I did it.

Moreover, the European cups are becoming more "fair". I find that there is more suspense.

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