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Youth development the Ajax way

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I read this thread yesterday and seeing as the content in the thread is based on football manager 2013, it raised a few questions.

The thread in question:

Now we all enjoy splashing the cash and signing big name players and most regular players of football manager don't understand the importance the hidden attributes play in the moulding of young talent for the first team - whether that be the staff member or the player - see from what I've read personalities can reveal what their hidden attributes might actually be. I would value these personalities;

Model citizen



Model professional/professional/fairly professional

In saying that, when comes to players it's not that complex but your backroom staff is a different story. See when it comes to the coaching staff and scouts, is how important is it for all your backroom staff to have roughly the same personalities and be on the same page when it comes to the way you win a football match. Is it better to use four at the back or go with three centerbacks, wingbacks? Should a system based upon high pressing be preferred by everybody at the club? After all you do rely on the coaches to train your player with the aim to get the same players becoming first team regulars in the future - you can't have coach training them to play route one football, then expect they become 1st team regulars within a club that plays a short passing, possession type football. It makes no sense.

A good example would be Ajax, they have way of playing football - Ajax strives to keep their brand of football attractive, offensive-minded, creative and inside their opponents half. This means the scouts have the job of finding young players who have the necessary qualities the coaches can work with - coaches need the scouts sign players that can be taught to play the Ajax way. I'm pretty sure that if your backroom staff don't agree with tactical style that shouldn't be working for you! See I would think that having backroom staff that don't agree disagree with the manager on the way football should be played - well that just isn't good and would be counter productive to say the least. For the football be transformed from under 18's to the reserves, then the first team - should all the coaches and scouts agree? When it comes to playing mentality, playing style, pressing style, and tactical style? Or a combination of the above, .

Playing mentality ranges from;





Very cautious. 

Playing styles range from;





Pressing styles range from; 




Tactical styles range from;

Control possession




Route one

Fluid counterattack

Direct counterattack


It's safe to say if you want to see your team passing it long, your not gonna be a fan of tika-taka but rather route one football. The same could be said about non-urgent pressing, if you like that - you probably don't your team playing a high pressing game and therefore a high defensive line but rather passive, defensive type football. For example I like Klopp's brand of football, so I'd go with;

A balanced or attacking playing mentality

An urgent pressing style

A mixed/short playing style

A tactical style of control possession/gegenpress/fluid counterattack

This would mean all your staff share similar personalities and all agree on the blueprint that has put into place by the manager!

I'm curious whether I'm on the right track? Should all your coaches be on the same page?



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