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Players available to play in U19 says cant play


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During Pre-Season I have selected some of my players to gain match fitness to play in an U19 Friendly as the game allows over 19 players to play only in  friendlies and you have the option for your 1st team players needed match fitness to play in these.

When you go to play the match the 1st team players are not selected and it says already selected in another match  on same day in one of the icons, also next to it it says u19 as the player has been made available for the U 19s

As a workaround for this I tried different options inclcuding moving the players directly to the U19 squad which seemed to work as when holidaying past the fixture the players were selected . However 1 player became unhappy as he wasnt made available for the U19s but was moved to the squad ie demoted.  

The available for U19s does not appear to be working as it should.  Prior to this the U19 manager refused to select the players I made available and I worked out this was the reason why.

I have uploaded my save wazza.fm for you to take a look and change things around as necessary to get the 1st team player to play in the U19s match and you will see what I mean in

Vilafranquense Under 19s_ Players.png

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