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3-2-5 ATTACK - I d love some insight about the tactic im about to show

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Hey i m using fm legends and currently playing with sporting, now how can i make this tactic truly work.

I have some good results, yes but in some games even with many goals, but in the last games the team started playing really bad, even when winning they suck.

How can i improve this tactic?




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crap! when i saw the notification i was hoping something else ahah

but yes if i find i tactic that works this team will be unstoppable

they started well as you can see but now it seems that their brains died and can t do anything.

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Finally, someone who wants to stroll through the dales to the left of the field. The gluttony of super “442s, 4132s, 4231s” is mind numbing. Once upon a time, the true Championship Manager (ode to olden times), would scratch his pencil into the back of his textbook, till there was no led left and a red ink, capitalised “see me” written by Mr Hewitt.

From a real world perspective, the game is evolving far beyond the capacity of FM match engines. Play two at the back without wingbacks and 11 times out of ten, it’s a royal beating. Yet, rewind to Bayern vs Roma and Pep’s hybrid 2/3 at the back with Robben as an adventurous “not so” defensive winger. 

Each to their own, but as one of somewhat Bohemian tendencies, the split back three with fullbacks always gets the nod over the bog standard three centrebacks. And needless to say, it’s never a flat back four.  Ever. 

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Now to the point of the topic. There are a number of issues which ultimately equate to self-sabotage. 

1. Firstly, whilst E = MC2, overall mentality is a product of Team Mentality and Individual mentality.

Fullbacks on support in attacking team mentality, will lead to greater emphasis on the possession phase, risk and defensive disarray. 

Question is, what is the purpose of the fullbacks in this formation, to get forward or defend the flanks? With 5 in advanced positions, surely the fullbacks can leave their Cafu at home and go full Winterburn. 

Drop down the mentality to Defensive, switch to No Nonsense FBs, sit narrow, cut inside with the ball. Man-Mark the wide forwards/wingers. 

2. The BPD, by default, plays with a greater degree of risk than the CD or No Nonsense CB. With a potentially risky defensive setup, why encourage additional risk taking behaviour? Again, with a sizeable attacking force ahead of the back line, why the need for Luiz lunacy here? Keep it simple, Bobby Carvalho style comes to mind, take the man and ball, job done. 

3. The Double Pivot makes no sense, ahead of the Volante is a quartet of attackers across 4th vertical zone (AM line). So where exactly is Volante going to go that isn’t occupied already? Again a spoonful of unnecessary risk, for no perceived benefit, beyond a fancy sounding setup. 

A while back, one would’ve concluded that the double pivot is manned by two Half-backs, however Project PSV has brought a change in ideology. What the single CB needs is support be that in a Halfback dropping into the back line (albeit only in the attacking phase) or Defensively minded Defensive Midfielders employed to defend. 

Given the overall team shape, pressure on the opposition once entering the defensive third is a must and thus, as evidenced by experience, BWMs on defend, serve a treat here. Strip off all risky instructions and ensure player traits are negligible or defensively orientated. Again, minimise risk. 

If up against a team utilising an AMC, assigning one of the BWMs to man-mark works a treat. 

4. Now to the Quartet, the Four Tops. Again, roles and risk and unnecessary duplication. The Wingers are a must, more so if the FB are No Nonsense. With an Attacking mentality and presumably with Get Forward activated, they’re stationed further up the field and harder to find. More so with risk reduced in the defensive setup, the likelihood is they’ll have the best seats in the house to watch the defensive being laid siege to. 

Drop the mentality to support and depending on individual attributes, dribbling, crossing, OTB; either cross from deep or dribble often. Lest one forget, with a higher starting position, crossing from deep will equate to crosses in the low final third. Have managed to reduce the number of blocked crosses, which is somewhat ridiculous in this edition. 

Wingers stay wide, run wide. Man-marking opposing fullbacks is a good ploy, one always looks fly Wingers with decent work rate, team work, tackling and marking above 10. Bravery and aggression are a bonus. Age permitting, retraining a fullback for this purpose is ideal. 

5. What’s the point of having two AMCs here, where’s the space? More so if they’re encouraged to roam, there’s barely enough to room to Pedesina. 

Switch one to a Support Striker and ensure the spot if filled by a player fit for purpose: Positioning, OTB, Anticipation, composure. 

The AMC is on support, nothing fancy, no play making, trequartista, enganche or quattro formaggio, keep it simple, yet cerebral. Hold position, no forward runs, a little bit of risk, assuming passing, vision and the tries killer balls trait are on deck. 

If the opposition have a single DMC, having the AMC man-mark him can work a treat. 

6. The not so lone forward doesn’t necessarily need to move into channels and get in the way of the wingers. Plus, naturally, having players in the AMLC/RC zones will see some lateral movement, no matter how undesired. 

The Strikers need to occupy the centre halves and create space for the SS. Any role that doesn’t auto assign movement into the channels. A Targetman on support or if not mistaken, Pressing Forward (might be mistaking this for the DLF). 

7. With so many players in advanced roles, the line of engagement and defensive line are crucial. A much higher LOE, could take 5 players out of the game with a single goal kick. Watch the game, extra emphasis on the opposition GK’s distribution. If they play out, press aggressively, if they clear it up field, a lower/mid-block is better. 

Drop the LOE to standard, so the quintet help out in midfield. No individual attacking mentality besides the SS, which is default. 

Unless blesses with Usain Bolt’s ah the back with the mental stats of Charles Xavier, a Much higher defensive line is tantamount to sabotage. At most, Higher, even Standard can serve a purpose with the BWMs putting pressure on the ball. 

8. Team width, reasonable width in Attack to open up the half spaces for the AM and SS, but too wide as to add additional risk to the pass. If playing with a Striking role that drops deep, then the width can be increased given the additional passing options in the AMC zone. 

Defend narrow for obvious reasons. The intention being to shrink the space between the fullbacks and single centrehalf. With the Man-Marking on, the FBs get out to the flanks quickly in the direct defensive phase (when their flank is being attacked), whilst tucking inside when play is on the contralateral flank or central. 

9. Passing style and Tempo is crucial. The ball needs to get to the Attackers quickly, more so given the lack of a central midfield per se. Again the issue is that of risk, short passing will see a plethora of from me to you between defenders with poorer passing attributes, inviting pressure and the concession of possession near inevitable. More so when asked to pass it short distances at high speed. 

A direct approach seems to equate to big up and unders in FM, as far as defenders are concerned. Look at individual traits, switches play, try long passes will be desirable here or can be programmed in through training. 

Slightly Direct (the Mixed of olden times) with a slightly lower tempo (equally mixed) should be a decent balance. This gives the opportunity to adjust Tempo in play as desperate o’clock nears.

Using the split back three with a flat 4 across the midfield, BWMs on defending and nothing else, Besic is marvellous in this role for the underdog. A proper Rottweiler. Defensively sound thus far. Wide midfielders or Defensive wingers on support and plenty of man-marking across the lineup. And the point is???

Point being, could you move the double pivot upto CM, both BWMs on Defend. Drop the team mentality to Balanced or even Cautious, with a little more individual Attacking intent given to the Wingers.


Plenty of friendlies and adjust the training schedule to emphasise tactical familiarity. Build the squad accordingly, the fullbacks, centreback and BWMs die a thousand deaths. Depth is a must. 

It’s been a while, an aid memoir on how to post a screenshot anyone. Cheers. 

Could upload  my tactic, but where’s the fun in that. The greatest pleasure in FM is in that John Hannibal Smith moment when you simulate a cigar with a Bic biro and mutter, “I love it when a plan comes together”. 

On that note, long live the Retrolutionaries.
#4-4-who? #4-2-3-nofun! 

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