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Network game - crash when human player takes over a human players ex-team

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So in our online game, I left a team in League 2 having gotten a new job at a league 1 club. My friend still being in Vanarama league went for an interview with my ex-team and he got the job. But after joining the team, the game crashes when he goes to his first ever tactical brief meeting before his first match.

Neither of us are the host of the game, and the game crashes on the host machine not the other 2 human players machines. But we reloaded the previous save and narrowed it down to the exact moment that the crash always happens when he goes into his tactical meeting.

So to rule out any other issue, we rolled the game back and played where he doesnt take over my ex team and the game progresses fine past the previous crash point. So it seems like it is an issue where a human manager takes over another human managers ex team. We are going to try more tests tonight to see if him joining another team causes the same issue, its pretty time consuming and we only meet up online twice per week so game time is limited. Its a bit frustrating as we have invested a lot of time in this save.

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  • SI Staff

Hi @cadmunkey

Thanks for the feedback and sorry you are getting this crash. We will need the save at the point before the crash. Could you also send us the crash dumps you got when this happened? If you could attach the crash dump to this thread and then upload the save with the link below. After could you update this thread with the name of the save. 



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