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FM decline


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I have played all FM’s since the beginning and before that, Championship Manager. 
I don’t really know where to begin with all the flaws in the game now but it no longer works as a realistic management sim or due to average graphics as an arcade type game. 
The thing I use to love most was the challenge and sense of realism. Now, very little challenge...

FM needs to go back to basics but give graphics a massive overhaul. Get rid of pointless statistics and silly unrealistic conversations that are an onscreen mess. 
I no longer pay attention to scout or coach reports because they are mostly wrong.

sorry FM but I’m losing interest  


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I couldn’t agree less. Also been playing since CM, and although the immersion from imagination is slowly disappearing (let’s face it, that’s all we had back then as it was so bare bones) the improvements in detail are phenomenal.

Of course, we all want different things, but your point about the UI is easily rectified. I’ve said this so many times, but the game is, and always has been, designed to be skinned. Add what you want, take away what you don’t. If you don’t want to go that route yourself, luckily, this title has many very talented modders that can create a skin that suits the needs of most. You just have to drop it in.

There are many, many options out there for you to make the game more challenging. Skins that hide attributes and stars, databases that start at Sunday league level. Of course, you can also restrict yourself on your own accord. A nice way to get imagination back into the game!

The way I play now is to PURELY use scout and coach reports. Get rid of attributes and stars man. Free yourself up. It’s a blast, and a challenge.

Like I said before, the game is designed as bare bones imo. Always has been. It is up to you to make it what you want.

And for the most part, that can be achieved through skinning and imagination/will power. Have a look around, but as a starter, check out this skin: 



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