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Black Seated Stadiums / Textures Issue?


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Quite a few stadiums seem to have black seats instead of colour. These are all their original stadiums - not rebuilt, extended or new.

It may be black seats or a bug, or a texture issue. It's odd that these stadiums would have black seats as these teams and stadiums have been in the game for many years.

I don't recall seeing this problem whilst playing in the PL. Only lower rated teams. These "black seated stadiums" also occur in other leagues, one being the Polish League.


Stadiums should be colours of the home team. If you look at Doncaster in particular, their colour icon on the scoreboard is red, flags are red and white, their goal netting is red and white. So, the game knows they playing in red and white - the seats/boards around the stadium should be reflecting this.


Schedule > Choose a HOME match to view OR simulate until next home game and play the game.


If you want to view a previous home match, load: My Name - Stockport SSN 7.fm

If you want to simulate to next home game, load: My Name - Stockport start of SSN 7.fm












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On 11/03/2021 at 13:52, Luke Hume said:

Hey @ZWS

Are you running any custom graphics eg logo or kits? If so does the error persist when you remove them?

Hi @Luke Hume

Nope not running anything at all. Never download any custom graphics/logos/kits. Just straight out of the box FM on Steam.

 I have uploaded a PKM to the cloud: Stockport v Weymouth.pkm  - I uploaded it: 12/03/2021 - Exported from my FM to my PC: 00:20 (midnight) and Uploaded to your Cloud at: 00:27. (I uploaded it twice by mistake). I have also attached one here.

I would provide PKM of Carlisle and Doncaster, as well as a few other teams I have seen it happen on (I think Luton possibly too and some more). But I can't view highlights from these teams to be able to upload them. They are in different divisions.

This was tested in the previous 21.2 game version and also 21.3.0 (the latest version).


EDIT: Just to add as I have seen others post similar posts about black kits/black seated stadiums. It's been an issue for me since I bought the game in November not just on the latest game version. I have also experienced the 3 kits (home, away and some players in black kits (ONCE), and also kit invisibility (TWICE)



Stockport v Weymouth.pkm

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