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[FM21] Fully Integrated Canadian Pyramid (all 99 teams + Usports)

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Uses the Canadian Megapatch as a base

The Fully Integrated Canadian Pyramid combines all the leagues in Canada into a singular pyramid with Promotion and Relegation.

The Top two leagues are populated with 32 teams and all play for the Sinclair Cup across the season.

The rest of the teams are added to Tier 3, a system spanning 3 leagues, regionalized between Western Canada, Ontario, and Quebec

All of these teams combine with the 3 teams in the MLS and play for the Canadian Championship. 3 regional tournaments as well as the Sinclair cup determine byes to the knockout stage, and the Canadian open helps showcase Canadian talent across the country

All of these teams field U23 teams in the U23s, combining with USports and Simon Fraser University. Don't worry, the University teams get their own showcase as well known as the USports League The Two systems also get 3 regional cups, and a memorial cup style super cup. 

They also get U20 and U18 teams respectively, making up the U20s, which also split into their own regional cups. 


Tier 1 and 2 feature a playoff, whereas Tier 3 features a grueling two stage qualifying battle. Teams from each group face off in a playoff to determine regional winners. Those winners play each other to determine the 3 best teams in Tier 3

Tier 3 grows and expands as teams get relegated to different leagues. Its entirely possible a league fall below 8 teams. If this happens no one is sent to their Third Stage playoff, and their Second Stage playoff winners are just declared champions. Groups expand, and groups even get added as the league gets bigger

The Canadian Championship is a three stage combat as well. Tier 3 teams play each other, then Tier 1 and 2 get added. Finally the 4 cup winners get added to reflect the status of the MLS teams in real life



Some other minor tweaks to the database, such as adding Simon Fraser University as a playable team, modifying the board of FC Ukraine, and stadiums such as the Windsor Stars (Formerly Windsor TFC)

The regional cups are to determine the best team in the region as I didn't want to add automatic qualifying for the MLS teams. Its entirely possible to grow the sport and beat them, so it should remain fair and dynamic once that happens.

The MLS teams sometimes decide that they're American and field American players as non-foreign players

Please keep Canada activated when using this database, as it can cause some issues with American qualifying




All of these leagues and cups operate as if Covid is not happening, so they will remain playable once the pandemic is over


If you end up playing it please let me know, I would love to hear your story

Check out my discord if you would like https://discord.gg/6dBFcPzRNa
















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On 15/02/2021 at 07:50, yellowsweatygorilla said:

Hello, while I do not mind people using my file - please send me a message out of courtesy before doing so in the future. Thanks!

I did



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Hey guys unfortunately I could figure out how to update a steam workshop file at this time, so I included the 2nd version of the database in the main link, for anyone interested


I made an error in the original U20s that prevented them from playing U18s

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