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UAFA (Union of Arab Football Associations) players for Qatar League


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3 horas atrás, Wolf_pd disse:

What are the limits? As far as I can see I see no option to set such a rule, but depending on the exact rule I might think of a good workaround.

The first division clubs shall be entitled to register a maximum of five (5) foreign players (three (3) foreign players plus one (1) foreign player who has the nationality of one of AFC member associations plus one (1) foreign player who has the nationality of an Arab Country member of the League of Arab States).

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I tried to set every country in the world as EU nations for Qatar except the 21 Arab countries (10 from Africa and 11 from Asia) excluding Qatar. Then I set a limit of 5 non-EU players for the league. Thus, as it already has a limit of 5 foreign players, you cannot register unlimited EU players. Also, you cannot register 5 African Arab players, because you should register at most 4 non-Asian players. But it didn't work, as some Qatari players were considered non-EU. I even set Qatar to be considered as native, but nothing changed.

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