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Macbook crashed while playing FM20, help?

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Was playing FM20 with Spotify playing in the background and Firefox was running as well. Mac suddenly crashed (cursor doesn't move) and audio starts looping – went on for a good 5-10 seconds? Then it shuts down by itself, and the fan ramped up to full speed for a second after it shut down.

  • cursor stuck - audio loop - display turns to black - fan full speed - fan stops - Mac restarts.

I was playing FM20 for a few hours and the crash happened during a half time break team talk – I was on a good 5 game winning run as well without saving. 😂


I hope it's not overheating? I have the graphics set on low and 2D in matches except for goals... I have the crash report if anyone can kindly translate for me?




Macbook Pro 2020 13" i5

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