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Fm 21 fixtures issue

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I manage Bremen in the Bundesliga(only league loaded), and its the 3rd season, in the past season there hasnt been any issues, but now the season starts in August with 7 MATCHES per 3 days/4 days..and all are league games only.

Then September, 5 matches including 1 cup game but then again, 2 matches per 3 days, without the cup game


October 6 matches, 3 per 3 days..


November is pretty normal


December only 1 game and on the 31th? Well bundesliga normally never plays at this date


January is also normal

Basically the rest of the months are "normal", because there are only 3 games or so.. but im in europa league, and there havent been a draw yet.. So it probably will end up like 6 games per month again.

This all before january is pretty weird because like i said, stuff like this never happened irl, and also never in the game before, my players will end up being injured because of lack of fitness caused by these fixtures Which is potentially game ruining. 

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10 minutes ago, HUNT3R said:

This sounds like it's due to the World Cup in Qatar.

Hm, this would actually make some sense because the world cup is supposed to be in winter, right? So this all needs to be played sooner. Tho i still wonder how will my players hold up with fitness and injuries risk, well i'll see.

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