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What effect does room from position have?

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I am curious about the guidelines of the room from position. What effect does it have?

I know roughly the role of roam from position. It is related to the movement of a box to box midfielder. However, i do not know how to move when i gives this guideline to strikers or attacking midfielders.

And how can it be used in this tactic? I'm using counterattack tactics from 4411.


I am currently satisfied with this tactic, but can I make it better through the room from position? 

What effect would it have if you used the guidance of loam from position for an attacking midfielder or striker? I want the attacking midfielder to move more wide and free but sharp. Or the striker can do that. Could counterattacks be more effective if we give them these guidelines?


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With Roam from Position your player is encouraged to leave his tactical position and better look for a pocket where he is most useful. Roam from Position is especially useful in short passing / possession based tacticts where you need a lot of player movement.

Look for good "off the ball movement" stat

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