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[FM21] A to Z, it's easy as 1-2-3 - The Alphabetical European Tour!

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End Of Season



Goals goals goal per usual! Couple of minor blips but we recovered and went on big runs!

League Table


A fantastic season for us helped by the fact big favourites BATE had a shocker!

Belarusian Cup


A tough draw and despite it being a tight game we were knocked out in our opening game!

Player Review - Iliya Voyna


A very good season for young Voyna with 8 goals and 6 assists!

Goalkeeper Watch

No goals for keepers this season! I forgot twice to change the set piece takers!

Other News

I am trying to be crafty as the Belarusian Cup spans over 2 seasons. BATE are still in this and just sacked their manager for finishing 3rd in the league. Trying to get the job!



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Belarusian Cup Semi Final


Another comfortable couple of legs puts us in the final against 11th placed Slavia Mozyr. We are huge favourites. Win this game and Belarus is complete!

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Belarusian Cup Final


We were big favourites and it showed. A hat trick from Sasha paving the way for a comfortable 4-0 win. That is Belarus complete! Belgium is next!

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Save Note

I have decided from this step moving forward I am going to stick with the club I join in each nation until I win the top league and cups! Makes it more difficult as I felt slightly dirty moving to BATE!

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Belgium Young Guns

One thing I have noticed from doing this type of save is the amount of great young players my scouts find at amateur clubs or clubs in my league who have young players on non contract terms who I can sign. Been really enjoying this pre-season in Belgium. Below is an example of a couple of players I found at a few of these clubs!




For our level the 3 above players are good enough to be starting in our first team. Youth development is one of my favourite things in this game so I love the fact I am getting players in like the above.



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The usual theme here. Young players everywhere! I didn't sign one player over 17!




I let a lot of players leave as I went all out on younger players this summer. In total we brought in 180k for a club that is semi professional which isn't bad. 3 or 4 of these players probably would have gotten game time but I decided to go all out in one pre-season and re-do the squad with youth being the main aspect.


In total we only spent 6k! The others were all frees!

Ourdy Muzinga

Gustave Marchal

Francois Roy

Fabio Sousa

Yannick Roy

Boris Tshibuabua

Glenn Cuypers

Andrea Manari

Dennis Timm

Thomas Michaud

Dame Sy

Jurgen Martens

Adnane Amrani

Murphy Ndongala-Sakata

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Mid-Season Review



A very good start to the season. Our young players are playing very well and developing nicely. In our first team we only have 5 players who are over 17 which is absolutely crazy! The standout players so far this season have been Sy who has 18 goals in 14 games, Manari who has 14 goals and 6 assists in 16 games, Alloui who has 6 goals and 9 assists in 20 games, Amrani who has 13 goals and 8 assists in 18 games and Timm who has 4 goals and 14 assists in 12 (7) games.

League Table


We sit inside the promotion playoff spots. At the end of the season the 4 teams will get their points halved and have a mini league with the top team being promoted!

Belgian Cup


A nice run here until top division side STVV beat us 3-1 at our place. A good showing from a semi-pro club!

Player Review - Adnane Amrani


This man is sensational. The best player at the club and I would be amazed if we get to keep him here. 13 goals and 8 assists from the AMC role shows you how vital he is for us.

Youth Review


Not expecting too much here but lets wait and see!

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We have reached the end of the season and actually finished top on the last day. But that all stands for nothing as we need to win the playoff promotion group. This is how it stands at the start.


It literally is everyones to win!

Game 1


A big win for us helped with a red card for Borains!


The other game finished 0-0 meaning we have a 3pt gap after game!

Game 2


A tight game which ended probably deservedly in a draw.


In the other game Dessel score a 91st minute winner and move a point behind us.

Game 3


What a game! 7 goals and 2 early red cards. We were 4-1 up at one stage before Symons completed a hat trick to pull it back to 4-3. We managed to hold on for what could be a massive win!


In the other game Borains beat RWDM 1-0 meaning we have a 4pt gap now!

Game 4


Suspensions killed us here. We had our 4 starting defenders either suspended or injured and 2 of our backups. Meaning we ended up playing 2 midfielders in defence and it showed as we fell to a deserved 3-1 defeat.


In the other game RWDM beat Dessel 2-1. Our gap is now down to 2pts. This is going to be tight!

Game 5


Our main man Sy turned up in a big way here. A hat trick and a 4-1 win means.....


Our win coupled with Dessel beating Borains 3-1 means we are champions!

Game 6


Pretty much a whole backup team. They played well and probably deserved more but in the end it really didn't matter!


We go up!

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End Of Season



Another solid end of season with loads of goals! We went into the promotion playoffs and won it in the end!

League Table


We went up as champions. The others must now go into some sort of promotion playoff!

Belgian Cup


Belgian Cup as mentioned before we got to the 6th round before top division side STVV knocked us out.

Player Review - Dame Sy


Our main man this season. 36 goals in 29 games!



Thats us promoted through one league. We have to get through one more before challenging for the cups that complete Belgium. Up after that is Bulgaria!

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Biggest Sale In Clubs History


A blast from the past here as my old club come in with a huge (for our level) offer for Muzinga who was rated as our brightest prospect. I tried to protest but if I am honest thats a smashing fee plus we get 40% of the profit of next sale!


Think we are fairly safe in the knowledge he should hit both those other clauses! 


This was Muzinga on the day he left. Already a solid player at 17!


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Another One Bites The Dust


Another of our signings last summer have been snatched up this time by a team in top Belgian division. 


This is him when he left.

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The oldest player now in our first team is 18 :D. Our average age is 17 compared to a fairly low league average of 23!

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