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[FM21] A to Z, it's easy as 1-2-3 - The Alphabetical European Tour!

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The Save

The premise of the save is to start in Austria which is the first alphabetical country in Europe available to play. Start in the lowest league playable in the country and work my way up to win the title in the top league and any available top league cups!

The Rules

I must always start on the lowest available league I have loaded (not necessarily the lowest league available in game) and I am not allowed to use my reputation that I will build up to jump straight to a top flight club. I must go up through each of the leagues by being promoted. Depending on how attached I get to a club I may try and win some European trophies which will probably be easier in the bigger leagues but isn't essential for the save. 

The Manager


No badges or experience so starting off at the lowest point!

Hope everyone enjoys and it should be one hell of a ride!

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Top Posters In This Topic


The Club

It was one of 2 clubs for me in the Austrian First Division and both were for childish innuendo. It was either FC Wacker Innsbruck or SV Horn. And I decided to go with SV Horn as my first team.


Predicted to finish in 14th out of 16th places in the League although I am hoping a few decent signings may change that.

The Squad


The most consistent squad personality I have ever seen! In terms of quality there isn't an overabundance of it but we have some solid players. We are badly lacking on the wings though which is were I will look to improve in pre-season.

Star Players


Muminovic is the best player in the squad and will fit perfectly into the deep lying playmaker role I like to use. 


Eler is another solid player who I will probably utilise in the AMC role as I am not a big fan of his finishing although in the wider team we dont have much better than that!


Sittsam will be utilised at centre back. Tall and decent in the air with good strength, pace and acceleration is always a great combo at a level like this!

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Goalscoring Goalkeeper

As some of you will remember I do love to take on @Jimbokav1971's goalscoring goalkeeper challenge and have tended to rename the keepers after the man himself. So lets meet the first of this saves keepers!


Kavsteiner will be on free kick and penalty duty!

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Just the one reserver player sold for next to nothing. 



I will have to be honest my scouts did a great job here in finding players that I myself couldn't find! They have really helped boost the quality of the squad.

Hakim Guenouche

Guennouche I really like the look off. Very solid left back for this level and will come in as our number 1.

Felix Adjei

Adjei is a flexible squad player. We were short on the wings and he can come in and do a job for us there.

Luis Gil

Gil is a former US international who can play a number of positions. Very good player to have in the team.

Tarek Chahed

Chahed is a German Phil Neville. Solid player who plays 37 different positions. Another solid addition.

Vitalij Lux

Lux is a Kyrgyzstani international and with very good finishing could be a hit for us.

Lukas Malicsek

Maliscsek was a loan signing just to flesh out the squad a bit more. Shouldn't get too many games but there in case of a few injuries.

Daniel Petrovic

Petrovic was the first person I identified to bring in to be Sittsam's partner at the back. Really solid defender.


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29 minutes ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

Kavsteiner is the best name yet. Absolutely love it. :lol: :applause:

Yeah have to say its up there with Jimbodinho as my favourite. :D

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Season Preview


It looks as though our signings have really boosted our odds! From predicted 14th up to 5th now. Looks like we could push around the top sides this season!

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Additional Transfers Out


Toro was a 5th choice striker and was no longer required so we got his wages of the budget! Azinovic is a solid defender but its an area we are strong in and wouldn't be getting too many games. nearly 50k at this level is pretty good!

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Kavsteiner Opens His Account


We have started very well and find ourselves top of the league. Kavsteiner has just opened his account for the club!

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Mid-Season Review



A great start to the season. We havent been scoring as many as I have in previous saves but we are spreading the goals about and been very consistent!

League Table


Promotion is looking good for us. We have a very good squad for this level and its being proven!

Austrian Cup


We had already won in the first round before I joined and we battered Vorwarts but our backup defence just wasn't up to the challenge!

Player Review - Patrick


Everybody loves a young Brazilian! There seems to be a few of them in the League with one of them being top scorer Roinvaldo. Patrick for us has been our best striker and has 6 goals in 12 games!

Goalkeeper Watch

Kavsteiner has struggled and has 1 goal this season having missed 3 out of 4 penalties!

Youth Review


Doesn't look like much but lets see what happens!

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First Coaching Badges


Managed to get the club to agree to get my first coaching badges. This should help in the long run!

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Youth Intake - The Players

Not be as comprehensive as my youth only games but here is the 2 players I have signed that could have the potential to get into the first team at some point.


A decent deep lying prospect. I am not sure if I will be here to see him develop into a first team player but signed none the less.


A solid striker prospect with good finishing. Similar to the above not sure if I will be here to see him hit the first team!

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End Of Season



We struggled at parts in the 2nd half of the season and unusually for me it was due to lack of goals. Was it enough to go up?

League Table


The absolute finest of margins. We had a 3 point and 6 goal advantage over 2nd placed Wacker Innsbruck on the last day of the season. We lost 3-0 and they won 3-1 meaning we went up due to a single goal difference!

Austrian Cup


A poor result after dominating the game but not really targeting this just yet. This year was all about promotion

Player Review - Michael Chejukoua


Whilst not being the greatest player going Cheukoua has come up with some very important goals. He has 5 goals in 16 games from the right hand side and a fairly big reason as to why we are being promoted!

Goalkeeper Watch

Kavsteiner struggled this season in terms of goals only netting once all season. However he did set a clean sheet record for the club!



Slightly rejigged the above. Hopefully it all makes sense. The trophies to win are the trophies I still need to win within that country and the leagues to be promoted through is any leagues I need to still be promoted from before I can move on to the next country. For example if I finished 2nd this year I would still have to be promoted from the Austrian First Division before moving on. 

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New Club


I have moved over to SVR Altach who are a more established Austrian Premier League club. They finished 9th last year and already have a much better squad than we do!

Star Players






Very good finances and a decent transfer budget. Should hopefully mean we can fix the areas we are short in!

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The New Jimbo


Kavschlager isnt as good as our other first choice keeper but he does have a more potential so I will be going with him!

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It has been a mental summer of transfers. As most of you who have read my stories before I tend to try and find young players and develop them. This is the main theme of this transfer window but I also brought a few experienced players in to balance the squad. I really think it has been a fantastic squad transformation and we have come out with a fairly sizeable profit!




A lot of these were first team players but were either not good enough or were going to get in the way of developing the younger players I brought in. 4.7m at this level is pretty darn good!




A massive number of signings and my scouts again have done a wonderful job. I said it before but I do believe this is the first FM where the scouts have found players I would really never have! The first player was agreed before I joined.

Juan Kaprof

A free transfer signing who will be very useful not only up top but also in the AMC role in behind the strikers. A very solid signing!

Sergi Juanola

One of the many youngsters my scouts found for me. 1 of 2 players brought in from Damn. Not quite ready for first team football just yet but I will try and get him some minutes where possible.


Perhaps my favourite signing of FM21 so far. Again coming in from Damn this 16 year old is going straight into the first team. Expecting big things.

Mathijs Dam

Our biggest transfer fee of the summer and it is a risky one as it is all about potential. We dont have too many strikers so he should get game time this season.

Florian Wirtz

One of 3 loans we brought in to improve the quality of the squad. Wirtz covers anywhere across the pitch in midfield. Very handy to have.

Alberto Paloschi

One of the few experienced players I brought in. Paloschi will be recognisable to some of you having done the rounds in Italy. His experience and ability should be very good for this level.

Daniel Sousa

One of my tricks in FM is if I load the MLS is to go see what there is in the u20 and u19 national teams. I picked up 2 players already from here with another 2 coming in down the line. Sousa has great finishing and pace which should cause defences issues!

Nicolas Kuhn

Our second loanee Kuhn will slot in on the wings for us. Coming from Bayern he definitely has pedigree!

Wilfried Gnonto

Gnonto comes in from Zurich for nearly 400k. Great pace and big potential. He will get games on the wing this season. Could become a vital player.

Hugo Rama

Our last loanee is Rama who we brought into to play that deep lying role. A very solid player all around.

Philipp Grietemann

Another outstanding find by my scouts. Grietemann comes in from Bonn for 100k. At 16 again he will be thrust into the first team


Another young prospect. A bit like Juanola probably a bit away from the first team currently but good prospect.

Luke Clark

Another American signed although this time with no work permit. I hope he develops so we can get that WP when we renew the contract.


Costing up to 275k Jota is another good prospect on the wings. I have sent him back out on loan to develop!

Enrique Garcia Barelles

Another young and solid centre back. Barelles is ancient at 19 compared to the other 2 but again looks like a very good prospect.

Rodrigo Domingues

An area were we needed to improve. My scouts found Domingues on a free and he was brought in to be our starting left back.


Another of the more experienced players brought in. He plays on both sides and will be a useful player to have in the squad.

Jimbo Kavzzini

Our new Jimbo. With the rest of the squad improving I decided to improve the goalkeeper as well. Comes in for a free from Atlanta.

Exequiel Suarez

And last but not least another young prospect. Solid in the air with good dribbling and passing. Can be utilised in both the AMC and ST roles!

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Mid Season Review



It's been a great season so far and we are really clicking going forward. Some suspensions and injuries have hit us at times. 

League Table


It is a 2 horse race between us and Salzburg. They spent 42m in the summer so that shows you what we need to make up!

Austrian Cup


I have used our backup players quite a bit here and we have made it into the quarter finals. Could be our first trophy if I start using the big players!

Player Review - David Sousa


This man has been a machine so far. Scoring goals left right and centre. 23 goals in 18 games!


Goalkeeper Watch

Kavsteiner has 3 goals in 4 games whereas Kavzzini has 1 goal in 17!

Youth Intake Preview


Potential for a forward but not expecting much!

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January Transfer Window

Just a couple of moves this window!



We sold our starting right back for 2.2m rising to 3.1m. Its a very good deal considering we have replaced him with a better right back for half the price! Brotzge is far from the first team so is away out on loan.



We raided Damn for a 3rd player. Another young player with big potential. 


Good finishing and pace as well as flair. I think he could be a very good player for us in the future.


Frances is a young full back who can cover both sides. Solid player with 3.5 star current ability already. 

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Austrian Cup Quarter Final


We are through to the semi finals of the Austrian Cup. Both goals came in the same minute (dont think I have seen that before). We were the better team and are through.


We have Sturm Graz in the semi final whereas former club SV Horn play Salzburg!

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Austrian Cup Semi Final


Well what an absolute thumping that was. Sousa is unstoppable at the minute. 


Well we are going to do it the hard way. The team we need to overturn to get past this country stand in our way in the final.

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Austrian Cup Final


A heartbreaking loss. I thought we had it won when Paloschi got his 2nd but they got a late equaliser and deservedly won in extra time. No matter what happens we are here next season!

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We win the title at the home of our rivals! All out for the Austrian Cup next season! End of season report to follow tomorrow

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End Of Season



Just the 2 league defeats all season! Our young team are getting better and better!

League Table



Austrian Cup


A good run to the final were it looked like we had won it late on but Salzburg equalised then deservedly beat us in extra time!

Player Review - Joan


This man is going to be an absolute worldie! At 17 he is already probably the best centre back in the league. Those mental stats are ridiculous!

Goalkeeper Watch

Kavzzini scored 3 goals in 33 games whilst Kavschalger scored 3 goals in 5 games! Back over in SV Horn Kavsteiner dropped down to playing only 3 games this season!



We are 50% of the way there following our league win. Next year if we can strengthen the squad we will be going all out for the Austrian Cup!


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Goalkeeper Of The Year


Kavzzini wins the Austrian Goalkeeper of the Year! Sousa also won player of the year and myself manager of the year.

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European Top Goalscorer


Despite playing in a second tier nation Sousa wins the European Golden Shoe which shows you just how deadly he has been. We got him for free and he is now worth 8.5m with 8 clubs interested in him!

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Champions League Draw

We were straight into the group stage and as 4th seeds I was expecting a tough group.


I know it will be tough but I have definitely seen 4th seeds get a much worse off group than this. Not expecting much but lets see how it goes!

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Another huge transfer window for us were we brought in some big talent and a lot of good prospects! We also lost a few of our big prospects but for very good money which meant we could reinvest elsewhere.




Loans firstly. Tartarotti was around the first team squad last season but didn't get much games. Couldn't sell him so loan was next best thing! Dam is a big prospect for us but a season out on loan will really help his development as it will with Uelber as well. Dominguess was our starting left back last season but we have improved this area this pre-season so to aid his development he is away on loan also. Jota and Haydu both are around the first team but wouldn't be getting much game time so a loan made sense. Mischitz is a youth player who will get no where near the first team. Barelles got a lot of game time last season but I have 5 centre backs now and it would be more beneficial for him to have a season playing regular first team football.

In terms of the sales, Zelu was going to struggle to get much game time this season. So 3.2m to Boro was a great deal. Juanola was one I didn't want to sell but the amount offered really helped us boost our squad in other areas. Looks like he could be a big player! Karic was an older player who wasn't going to get any game time in this new squad. Gouet was similar to Karic in that he is not going to get much game time in this new squad. Paloschi tugged at my heart strings a bit. He is getting quite old and we brought some good young players in. Sold him on a free as we couldn't get anyone to take him on for any money. Kavschlager was our main keeper in the first division but with new signings was no longer required. Thurnwald and Zwischenbrugger were both 30+ players who aren't up to the ability of the new squad so nearly 1.5m for the 2 players was good. Bitsche was a youth player with really next to know potential ability so was sold on. In total 17.5m was brought in!




Again a lot of players for the future brought in here along with some very good loan signings!

Ryan Green

Another of my American prospects. Really solid player for 18. Will get game time up top this season!

Isak Bergmann Johannesson

Another good prospect who can play a lot of positions. 

Pierre Dwomah

Love the look of him. Going to utilise him mainly on the wing currently despite him probably being better suited to the AMC role. Big prospect

Oleg Reabciuk

Our first loanee. Comes in as the starting left back. Very solid player

Adam Marusic

Another full back loanee that can cover both sides. Another very good player

Callum Hudson-Odoi

Our biggest signing and on by far the most wages at the club. But he is a fantastic player and will be a great player on the wings for us.

Giovanni Kastiel

This is probably my favourite signing. At 17 is already capable of stepping into our first team. Watch out for him!

Rob Haydu

Another of my American signings. Decent prospect who has went out on loan for some regular first team football!

Renato Cesar Sinval

The main reason I sold Paloschi. He looks fantastic and will probably start alongside Sousa up top!


Another fantastic signing who I am training to play that deep lying role! Looking forward to seeing him develop!

Timo Zaal

Probably didn't need to buy him but scouts raved about him! I do like the look of him as well As all the stats you would look for in a centre back!

Kossi Nyuiadzi

My 2nd favourite signing. Coming in from Germany, probably not first team ready yet but will be a good squad player this season!

Alperen Adiyaman

Our new backup keeper who has bags of potential!

Ben Mee

A very solid experienced centre back. Will be our main man in the back line this season!

Dominik Yankov

We are spending a lot of money for this loan but I do think he is a game changer for us this season in that AMC role!

Alex Pancadas

Will stay in the youth team for now but a good full back prospect!


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Champions League Group Stage


Well that was entertaining! We picked up 7 points at home meaning any victory away from home would almost guarantee a spot in the knockout stage! We managed to get that by thumping Porto. The away draw at Lyon rubber stamped 2nd spot!


Definitely take that. 2nd behind Utd is a great first season in the CL for Altach!



The kindest possible draw!

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Mid Season Review



We have already lost more games this season in the league than we did I'm the whole of last. I have been using backup players quite a bit though and prioritising the other cups!

League Table


We are still top. Salzburg have really struggled though so we are 1pt clear with a game in hand!

Austrian Cup


A mixture of full first team and young players have played the first 3 rounds and we have thumped 3 lower league teams. A kind home draw awaits us in the quarter finals!

Champions League


As previously shown we finished 2nd in our group which is a fantastic achievement. The kindest possible draw in the first knockout stage vs PSV awaits us!

Player Review - Wilfried Gnonto


Gnonto was bought for 375k last season and is really developing well. Now valued at over £5m he is getting a lot of game time in the first team. 2 goals and 8 assists already show how creative he has been!

Goalkeeper Watch

Kavzzini has 3 goals in 18 games already whilst backup Adiyaman has yet to get off the mark!

Youth Review


I doubt any will trouble the first team but happy to be surprised!

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January Transfers



Kaprof leaves for 1.3m whilst young player Seung-Hoon leaves on a free. 2 other prospects leave on loan.



Yeshey Gurung

Another young American signed. Decent prospect who has went back out on loan!

Carlos Vera

A young striker comes in with big potential!


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Champions League First Knockout Round


A fantastic performance both home and away. Sousa and Yankov both scoring in each leg. It was a kind draw for us and we reach the second knockout round where we play....


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Champions League 2nd Knockout Stage


Real were a step too far for us but we gave them 2 good games and scored 5 goals against them. I think if I stayed another 3 or 4 seasons I would maybe be able to challenge for this when my youngsters are fully developed. But its on to the Austrian Cup final now and my aim to complete Austria!

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Austrian Cup Final

Can we complete Austria?


Yes we can Sousa and Sinval both getting braces before young wondered Kastiel grabbed a 5th. Austria is complete! I shall play to the end of the season to hopefully win the league. 

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Always nice to win it in your big rivals back yard. A Sousa hat trick means we have won back to back titles!

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End Of Season



We are comfortably the best team in the league now even when we use the backup players.

League Table


Salzburg came back at us a bit but ultimately the win at their place sealed the deal!

Austrian Cup


We averaged over 5 goals a game en route to a rampant cup victory!

Champions League


A great first CL season were we got out of the group stage and managed to win a knockout round before being dumped out by Real Madrid.

Player Review - Giovanni Kastiel


This man is going to be a superstar and my fear for Altach ongoing is that a lot of the players I brought in will be taken by the bigger clubs around Europe!

Goalkeeper Watch

Kavzzini scored 7 goals in 39 games!



Austria is complete, off we go now to look for a job in the Belorussian First Division!

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The End In Austria


I honestly believe I have left Altach set up for quite a few seasons but the fear is the squad gets ripped apart by the bigger European clubs! I will check in at the end of the transfer window and see what they have done!

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We are off to Belarus! Krumkachy are one of the bigger clubs in the first division so lets see how we do!



Predicted 3rd and they currently sit 5th just 1 point outside the playoffs. Belshina are running away with it but we could push for 2nd place!

Star Players





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Youth Intake Preview


With there having to be 4 players (2 in the starting line up) we could really do with this being a golden generation!

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Mid Season Transfers



31 year old reserver player who wasn't going to get any game time. Little money but wages off the wage budget!



Recurring theme here. Youngsters brought in to help with the u20 rule. 2 of which are good enough to be in our first team already!

Vladimir Doroshenko

Will be used more from the bench a good prospect who fits that u20 rule!

Vladimir Fomin

I really like the look of Fomin. Comes in as a starting striker beside Veras!

Gleb Yazvinskiy

Another solid prospect here. I will utilise him in the AMC role!

Iliya Voyna

I was also able to recall this man from loan. He is 18 and already the best player at the club!

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End Of Season



Well that is why we were predicted up near the top. A lot of the early games where tight but when we signed the younger players and brought Voyna back from his loan we were unstoppable. That 1 loss cost us the league!

League Table


We ended up only a point behind Belshina who were 13 ahead of us when I joined. 

Belarusian Cup


Prior to me joining!

Player Review - Vladimir Fomin


He made a big difference when he joined with 9 goals in 13 games! 

Goalkeeper Watch

Sanko managed to get 1 goal!



We have ticked off the promotion that we needed. Now we need to win the Belarusian Premier League and the Belarusian Cup to tick off this country!

Previous Clubs

SV Horn

After spending a couple of seasons in the top flight it looks like SV Horn might be dropping back down. They sit in last spot 5 points off the team above.


SCR Altach

Altach are top of the league but for the team I left them with they should be doing better. They have been knocked out of the Austrian Cup already and have been knocked out in the CL group stages with only 1pt from 4 games so far. 


Lets have a look and see if the bigger teams in Europe game in and stole any of the talent I left there


Only 2 first team players have left although they are 2 big players. Sousa was the main man the past 2 seasons and his goals will be missed and Gnonto was a superstar in the making. 26m for him and hess off to Roma. 


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15 hours ago, Fudal said:

The amount of goals you score is as always, absurd! Doing a great job!

I cant take too much credit for it. The tactic I use from @knaphas been wonderful!

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Mid-Season Break



I have found in these smaller leagues that the other clubs dont really strengthen too much which really makes it easier to close the gap like we did in Austria and now Belarus. Fomin again has been outstanding!

League Table


7pts clear of BATE who are the big team in this country! I think we can win it this year with the squad we have.

Player Review - Luis Peguinho


A free transfer signing from an amateur Portuguese club (another outstanding scout find). He is our best player. Currently playing at right back as we are short in that position but could easily slot into the deep lying role. 

Goalkeeper Watch

No goals yet for our goalkeepers mainly as I forgot to change it!




Nothing major here. There is no real money in this league so any sales will be minimal. The pre-season is so long we actually sold some players we brought in at start of pre-season!


Rather than show you a big list I have picked out the few that will be in the first team

Vladimir Gren'kov

Another young Belarusian striker who has came in and played well so far with 6 goals in 4 starts and 6 sub appearances!

Philip Ejimadu

Our starting goalkeeper. The American last played over in Brazil!

Jurgen Meyer

Not quite ready to be starting in the first team yet but a very good prospect. Coming off the bench a lot and is developing well.

Luis Peguinho

As mentioned above our best player. A fantastic find.

Diego Medeiros

An experienced winger who can play both sides. 2 goals and 4 assists this season.

Gaston Lencina

Another great South American find. Was playing in the 2nd division of Argentina last. Starting in the AMC position currently.



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12 hours ago, Fudal said:

can you link the tactic ?


Knap's thread can be found here.

I believe its the venom and faith tactic :)

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Altach Torn Apart


Well I expected this more last season but turns out this season is when the team has been fully ripped apart. JohannesonGreitemannAnderson and Sinval on top of SousaGnonto and Frances last season means the team I set them up for the next 10 years or so has been halved!

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