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Langley Moor v Durham United

Joe Horn

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Langley Moor & Durham


The city of Durham had a football league club in Durham City AFC who were in the football league for 7 years. Eventually they were relegated though in 1928 and since then it seems as though no team from Durham have touched the football league. Local sides such as Darlington (my hometown) and Hartlepool have been there for a fair few years recently but currently no County Durham team resides in the football league.


So here comes this save then. Out of the ashes two clubs from Durham have appeared and taken spots in the Vanarama National League North (would have started lower if it wasn’t February). The two teams: Durham United and Langley Moor.


Durham United were founded in 2018 by rich oil businessman Sergio Huesta. Huesta had been on holiday to England one year and had fallen in love with the castle and cathedral in Durham and therefore decided to link his Spanish roots to Durham.  He decided to create a club with his wealth and got them elected to the Vanarama National League North. In previous years they’ve not had much success, but with the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino they hope to have much more success with a world famous manager. There FA Cup performances have been largely poor with them never reaching the first round proper. Huesta has invested massively in the facilities and has decided to try and push them onto the football league for the first time in 93 years (1928 the last time a Durham side were in the EFL).


Meanwhile Langley Moor are the rivals of Durham United. Based inside the village of Langley Moor they will also be beginning in the Vanarama National League North.


Langley Moor were founded by English farming tycoon Mark Pollard in 2018. Mark Pollard is actually born in Durham but moved to the village of Langley Moor when he was 5 years old. Pollard decided to create Langley Moor when he saw Huesta go and start talks about Durham United. He founded the club to rival Huesta, but he knew immediately he didn’t have the money to keep up. He decided that he had to try and invest as much as he possibly could to attempt to get Langley Moor to become the first Durham based side in over 90 years but if their performances so far are anything to go on Durham United are certainly more likely than Langley Moor to hit the EFL before Durham United. After sacking their manager fairly recently the hotseat remains open. It’s here our journey begins...



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Issue Numero Uno


First of I’m not called Ryan Pinter, nor am I Albanian, he’s named after my FM18 Regen Striker.

Secondly I have zero staff.


I’ll go through the squad after the transfer window etc which is when the next update will be

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Well, this will be of interest :). I'm currently managing a save with Durham City - latest update here:

Lots of local interest for me - born in Durham itself, lived in various villages and small towns around the county including Langley Moor, but lived in Darlington from the age of 11 to 20 so always think of that as my home town.

Interesting to see an Albanian rock up Langley Moor, and good luck to him, and you :thup:



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Just now, warlock said:

Well, this will be of interest :). I'm currently managing a save with Durham City - latest update here:

Lots of local interest for me - born in Durham itself, lived in various villages and small towns around the county including Langley Moor, but lived in Darlington from the age of 11 to 20 so always think of that as my home town.

Interesting to see an Albanian rock up Langley Moor, and good luck to him, and you :thup:



Thanks very much mate, I'm a Darlo lad myself and live in the local area. Always loved Durham as a nearby city and disappointed to say that they've barely had any football league representation except The Quakers and dare I say the name Hartlepool. Gonna follow your save pal seems interesting, thanks for the feedback pal. Let's hope we get an Albanian legend :brock: 

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October 2020 – Update of Transfers, Squad Before Our First Game


Well Pinter has had a busy first window. The Albanian has gone on a spree.



Our finances were slightly glitched but that was fine because I tried not to spend too much. Didn’t exactly go to plan but it’s fine.  So I’m just going to quickly and briefly mention all players in the squad and introduce you to our team, tactics and friendlies before our game v Buxton.



First we have Simon Williams who is an incredible keeper, definitely our first choice. He’ll be key to us this season and is from Durham himself. He also makes the media dream eleven.


Next up is Ranjae Dublin and Jake McDonald, both of whom are not really anything to shout about. They both have fairly decent potential but won’t really be challenging Williams in terms of starting eleven.




Shay Facey is my RWB and a former Manchester City academy starlet. Signed on a free and found by his agent offering him to us, he rejected League 1 Lincoln to join us and even I’m not sure why but hopefully he can provide a few performances for us for the length of his one year deal.



As you can see not a lot of depth behind Facey which is a worry. We will need a RWB signing.




Antony Quinn. Look at those mentals, it says he can play LB and CB but for us he will be a centre back in my back three (more on that later). He can pass a ball, great workrate and bravery, and the technique as well. What a player Antony will be for us.



Ed Francis is our 2nd centre back and signed this window. A former Wolves academy graduate he’s now in the North East and has potential to hit the championship apparently! Great physicals for a BPD same with his technicals. His bravery and workrate could be higher but overall I am delighted with Ed joining us.



Jamie Winter-Hobbs or JWH is our third centre-back in the lineup. Again it’s impressive mentals, great tackler but his passing and marking worry me, as well as that low heading attribute. His work rate saves him largely because I love a hard-working player and he is 6’1 so tall enough to play centre-back and another one just starting his career.



The rest of our centre-back options, Breeze is a prospect from the local area, just beginning his career this season and is a solid rotation option.  Tricker is a young prospect signed from Fulham on a free and should be a great option in the future. Paco Craig I will talk about in the next section or so.




Ramarni Medford-Smith is a LWB with some questionable technicals but his determination, acceleration, marking, natural fitness, pace and strength make him perfect for my system. I mean a better crossing would make him one of the best LWBS I would’ve ever seen at VNN level but eh he’ll do.


Special mention to Julio Martínez the club’s record signing.  He joined us from Deportivo Alaves for a club record 450k. The LWB has some damn impressive physicals in terms of his speed and agility, and also has some good decision making and good tackling but mentals and technicals may need some training.



And now the depth. Behind the aforementioned two there is also Jonjo Pernal, a 24 year old from Durham who whilst he may not have anything on the other two he also has good potential, and then there’s Quinn again, my best player.



Time for the Paco story. So we signed Paco and I realised I could play him higher up slightly based largely upon his physicals which were quite impressive for a centre-back so I’m currently converting him to an anchor man which will hopefully enable us to play my tactic (coming up shortly, stay tuned). Also Paco is most recently of Wycombe who as we all know are a Championship club.


Ed comes out here again and I’m not going to talk about him because he’s only a centre-back. Willem Tomlinson I like him. I can remember when he was at Blackburn from experiments with my local Darlo and I know he’s a good player so I’m delighted to have him onboard. Dabo, Dabo, Dabo he will come up at cm what a player.



Oh Dabo. What a player. He had numerous League Two Clubs sniffing around but ultimately he decided to join VNN and partner possibly my favourite CM of all time. Those mentals and physicals and even those technicals oh my god.



Moor fans meet Kalu. Emmanuel Kalu is already a hero of this save, the first club captain of Langley Moor ladies and gentleman. His technique jesus Christ, decent physicals, incredible mentals, only weak point is his technicals largely need improvement in the final third with his finishing and long shots being low, but other than that OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Emmanuel KALU!



Tomlinson I’ve already mentioned. O’Brien is a young prospect and nothing more signed on a free at 19 years old will be sold on in the coming years. N’Guessan could make league one potentially currently will just play second fiddle to Dabo. Lewis I won’t mention now. Neither Boadu. McCarthy will also come up later. Glimour was fantastic on trial and is the best backup we have. Peters joined here early (was a Durham created by the game like Quinn) and looks like a decent rotation BWM.




Flynn Clarke was signed for 250k from Peterborough and immediately slots in at AM, he has some impressive technicals, some decent mentals and some decent physicals for him to build upon. He wanted to be loaned out for some bizarre reason but I’m not going to.



O’Brien, Kalu and Peters I’ve mentioned, Wagner will be mentioned later. McCarthy was here when I joined and is meh to be honest. Boadu is a former BVB and City player but looks set to have had his potential lowered significantly from those days and can now hit League One at maximum according to my Assman. Lewis was signed from West Ham and looks like an impressive young backup to Clark. Kalanga was here when I got here and is very much a talent for the future.




Yes it’s the Clayton Donaldson, former Birmingham striker. What a signing for 4k and he will definitely help us take the next step. Plus he can provide more guidance to our younger players which will enable them to take the next step in their careers.



One of those younger players is former Watford and Colchester striker Folivi who was signed for 33k and will be a rotation option with Clayton and will hopefully become out and out first choice by the end of the season.



Ignoring Clarke, Folivi and Clayton we have Wagner, Fell and Smith. Wagner is a prospect but is yet to be first team ready hence Folivi and Donaldson signing. Fell and Smith will be sold soon because, well they’re dreadful.




There’s my thing of beauty. So my plan with this was that we were getting a lot of CM and DC in on trial and I needed to utilise these positions without withdrawing us too much. I always like to play attractive, clean football and that’s what this tactic will look to do. I will be open to any feedback so do give me some.




Friendlies I hear you ask. We started well with a comprehensive but routine 3-0 win over Brickfield which we followed up with a 51-1 win over our U23s which I use on most of my saves just to get a bit of confidence brimming in the first team. Then we got fmed against Atherton Collieries before a victory against Telford who are in our league. 3-0 against Telford was a highlight for me. Hyde were beat narrowly before a 1-0 loss to Stevenage. We then beat Harrogate with trialist Marcus Barnes scored a brace (he wasn’t signed). Villa then smashed us 3-0 before my best result as Moor manager a 2-0 victory over Falkirk and then a 1-0 victory over Inverness who are pushing the Scottish Premiership via the championship promotion. Our final three we had two defeats  to Juventus U23, Partick Thistle and a draw against Morton. Juve we lost 2-0, Partick 1-3 (Medford-Smith scoring) and finally a game we should’ve won a 0-0 draw with Morton.


So there you have it Langley Moor update done but what about our noisy neighbours?



They got some impressive signings with the stand out one being Zach Clough being un bloody believable for 26k. He has championship experience and my god what a player. I’m so jealous Poch got that across the line.


Poch’s backroom team.


Their lineup.


Ok and my final thought to leave on is the league odds and media eleven


Hmmmmmm, 7 of the media eleven but only predicted 2nd???????


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November Update

What a weird month.


Buxton 0-2 Langley Moor

Williams, Winter-Hobbs1, Quinn, Francis*, Facey (Martínez), Medford-Smith, Craig, Kalu (Glimour), Dabo, Clarke (Lewis1), Donaldson

First we beat Buxton with JWH scoring from a free kick from the left with him heading it in at the back post before Lewis hit a drilled shot into the bottom corner. Ed Francis got motm.


Langley Moor 1-0 Southport

Williams, Winter-Hobbs, Quinn (Tricker), Francis*1, Facey, Medford-Smith, Craig, Kalu (Glimour), Dabo, Clarke (Lewis), Donaldson

Easy win over Southport again headed from a free kick.

Farsley 0-2 Langley Moor

Williams, Winter-Hobbs(Tricker), Quinn, Francis, Facey, Medford-Smith1*, Craig, Kalu, Dabo, Clarke (Lewis), Donaldson1(Folivi)

A routine victory that I don’t really remember the goals but a goal from our LB and our Striker won us this.

Langley Moor 0-1 Scarborough (AET)

Williams, Winter-Hobbs, Quinn (Tricker), Francis*, Moore, Martínez, Craig, Kalu (Glimour), Dabo, Lewis (Clarke), Saunders (Hughes)

WHAT HAPPENED HERE! Fmed at its best (see below)


Langley Moor 1-0 Chester

Williams, Winter-Hobbs, Quinn (Tricker), Francis, Facey, Medford-Smith, Craig, Kalu, Dabo1, Clarke*(Lewis), Donaldson

Another 1-0, we are a Mourinho side


Langley Moor 1-0 Darlington

Williams, Winter-Hobbs, Quinn, Francis, Facey, Medford-Smith (Martínez), Craig, Kalu, Dabo1, Clarke*(Lewis), Donaldson 1(Folivi)

A bittersweet victory for me as we win against my hometown. Darlo didn’t even have a shot.

Chroley 1-1 Langley Moor

Williams, Winter-Hobbs, Quinn(Tricker), Francis, Facey, Medford-Smith, Craig, Kalu, Dabo(Gilmour), Clarke, Donaldson1 (Saunders)

A poor draw as we dominated.

So that was our month. The table you ask? Looks like this:


The Table



Durham have massively messed up. Also let me show you our new signings.




Harvey Saunders is a fantastic striker and a local lad playing for Durham and my local side Darlo. Rhys Hughes was signed for Everton and will play for us up until we hit the Championship I’d imagine. Tafari Moore was signed due to Facey’s injury. Drogba is Didier’s son so perfect really. Henry was signed as a prospect to sell on and Donnelly-Blackburn is an old favourite of mine from FM18 and FM20.


Durham’s Results


Kidderminister aside Durham have had a decent run but nothing special. They’ve reached the first round proper of the FA Cup. The Kidderminister result was 5-0 (to Kiddie) for reference.

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End of Season 1


Here we go. First off this save will only have two updates a season from now on, one mid season and one end of season.






So as you can see what a season. Only one loss in the league (yes I did nearly break my monitor in that game lol) but largely fantastic, but was it enough?




Why yes, yes it was, with Durham also coming up after a late season revival led by Zach Clough.




Ok so last season I made more transfers than what you saw. After October/ November more deals occurred and here they are:

*It's not letting me paste the images* - https://imgur.com/a/sZ1splX



So let me explain why there’s so goddamn many. A few of these are just youth academy players who may never be seen and were signed for free. In fact I signed zero first team players! So yeah there’s also been a lot more join since for the academy but luckily Pollard is funding us nicely.





Youth Intake


So the intake



Some good players in here, with the majority being signed. We didn’t sign the bottom three players because my judgement told me otherwise but the vast majority of those we did sign have now made their debuts. Kayembe has been fantastic and Lynch has scored aswell, I won’t go into detail about these lads until they actually become first team players.


So there you have it, see you next season.


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I have some bad news, the primary and secondary save files have been corrupted, I have a third one that would take me back to January but I'm not sure I want to do that as I was enjoying where I was, so with a heavy heart I announce that I will be ending the save file here. SI really need to fix this corruption issue as it's getting a bit of a joke now and yeah gonna miss the Moors, but I will start a new save and also next FM I'll give this save a go again. 


Thanks for reading, Joe

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