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4 years with Chelsea and no success - advice needed!

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1 hour ago, crusadertsar said:

@MRAFTCT Your results are really not that bad. And your goals conceded actually look less than average for a top team in real life. So you should put less pressure on yourself. It's not like you are at risk of getting sacked.

Over the years this series started to become a more and more realistic simulation of football world and not simply a "fun game" where you create a tactic like "Diablo" of old and expect to win everything. And it is meant to be hard from the start unless you are Liverpool or Real Madrid, ect. Winning anything in the first 5 years or so while all the other teams have most of their top players in their prime is a big achievement. You should just go with the flow and try to keep developing your tactic and your young players and not put too much pressure on yourself or it will just kill the game for you. Trust me it did FM20 for me. So this really comes as my honest advise. 

And look in real life when was the last time Chelsea won the Premier League? Or Man United, or Arsenal? And they are all world-class clubs. 

thanks for the words of encouragement...I do understand it is difficult to win the EPL but I would like to have got something by now. (Also if i was the real Chelsea boss i would have probably been sacked by now!)

I think my problem is, I am not scoring as many goals as i would like and so when i do concede i find it very difficult to turn it back in my favour.

And so far i am played 18 won 9 drew 9...so i am undefeated but miles away from where I should be :( 

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56 minutes ago, NotSoSpecialOne said:

What formation did Brighton play?

What is your plan B when you need goals and the main tactic isn't getting done in a match?

I think they played the same as me. A 4 3 3 with a DM. My plan B is to increase the width and increase the line of engagement. Then increase the mentality to Attacking for last 20mins.

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