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Spanish and Portuguese newgens to follow naming customs


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To be honest I'm not sure if this counts as a bug, maybe this should be a feature request or just a general discussion instead. But just in case it is a bug:


When looking at the full names of my regens I noticed that only my Brazillian regens had two last names (paternal and maternal) and my Spanish and Portuguese (and some other South American countries where this is a thing) didn't in the majority of cases. This is a bit strange considering all those countries have the similar naming convention of the full name containing both the maternal and paternal name.

20210207235231_1.thumb.jpg.f40b053929b15dc6d1cbe468b7d21487.jpg20210207235215_1.thumb.jpg.7caca1bfda283ec1ef9c30f843248ca9.jpg20210207235211_1.thumb.jpg.37ff6efb25f4479c6b18ce395cb96861.jpg20210207235201_1.thumb.jpg.4b43e53761957319552c31e536f1c1fa.jpg20210207235154_1.thumb.jpg.2f6af4ab5bd3df31f58e570e8b0a6061.jpg20210207235145_1.thumb.jpg.84a458ea18521705f6b2e84e3948d3ae.jpg20210207235140_1.thumb.jpg.94e6e1995df7bcb5d2ff35daf4c8054d.jpg20210207235133_1.thumb.jpg.ce54017acd382aaba5f613efb38993e5.jpg20210207235128_1.thumb.jpg.d74a3f2dc76032b18e3dc855efd76b63.jpg20210207235123_1.thumb.jpg.72d37cc8bc9f28c1a3d56d2b90a0eb33.jpg20210207234953_1.thumb.jpg.af36ce66acfa1dda927c78e9737d4090.jpg20210207234945_1.thumb.jpg.d5eeb033c965981a2ab24a5e654845c5.jpg20210207234934_1.thumb.jpg.cc5ba367a956921a7c3bc6a9cde68868.jpg20210207234925_1.thumb.jpg.f3ceda050e5d9a38a49d240848866b96.jpg20210207234919_1.thumb.jpg.989c8e310b8c315f685686181de7724d.jpg20210207235423_1.thumb.jpg.37c477a24418b6d64a9240192c121250.jpg Again I don't know if this is actually a bug or just an oversight or intentional behavior, just found in strange.

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