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Points Deduction In English Football

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I know I posted about this topic in the forum from last years game but I feel that this needs to be bought to our attention again. 

Points deduction is a part of professional football but isn't part of a licensed football management game.

As you can see several clubs are struggling financially due to poor management of the club.

I am hoping it is possible to include points deduction for teams that become Insolvent, teams that are bankrupt have the chance to offload players to accumulate funds but if a teams financial status is insolvent that basically means they've entered administration especially if they end up in the Court. As soon as the team becomes insolent they should be given a points deduction or if the season has finished they should start the next season with a points deduction.








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  • SI Staff

At the moment points deductions only happen where they are in place in real-life before the game begins - its an interesting idea to add them to the game (as a consequence of actions), and I'll have a think about it.

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  • SI Staff
On 13/02/2021 at 11:59, truereddevil92 said:

Thanks for taking it into consideration, I feel that it would make a great addition to the game. 

Yeah I agree - its on my things to look into list (which is fairly expansive Im afraid ;) ).

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