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Only a small annoyance but it's something that's never happened for me in any FM and wondering if it's something silly i've accidentally done.


I'm 6 years into my save, top staff and facilities etc but my u23 squad keep playing 1 and often 2 goalkeepers outfield. They are still winning (and oddly scoring now and then) but its bugging me, especially when there is other youngsters who could be playing. I don't want to take control of the u23's myself and micro manage them to that extent but surely they shouldn't be playing keepers outfield. My u23's manager is instructed to use the same formation as I use with the first team but there is still players who could play before keepers outfield.

When ever the usual message pops up saying who from the first team are available for the u23's, if I set my veteran 3rd choice keeper as free to top up match fitness that almost always auto puts one of my u23 keepers outfield, but often they seem to just pick the 2nd choice u23 keeper as a DMC or CB.

Never had this issue before so just wondering if there is an option or setting I just never use or know about.

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