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Europa League Knockout Ties in Same Week

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Hey @Jack Devlin, thanks very much for you post. 

This does look to be an issue, these games shouldn't be played so close together. Are you able to provide a little more info on this. 

What is the current in game date?

Who is currently being managed/what nations have you loaded into the game?

Were either of these fixtures moved for any reason?

Is this in a regular career or an online game?

Any info you can provide is appreciated.

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Hi Michael, 

The date that would have taken place is the 25th and 27th of February, 2025. 

I’m currently managing Celtic, the nations I have loaded are Scotland, England, Germany, France, Spain and (maybe) Italy.


To my knowledge, the fixtures weren’t moved for any particular reason, however I may have missed something, as I have since progressed to the next round, and the fixtures appear to be in the expected format.


This is a regular career mode game.

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