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What is that supposed to be? And VAR will say it's a penalty!

Graphics? When I look at the position of both players? So in first position they are very close themself. On left side Valencia's player on right side Gijon's player. Suddenly Gijon's player before the ball and Player from Valencia going over neck of Gijon's player. Valencia player not fall after tackle, suddenly only remained standing. Referee stopped game and goes watch video!   

It is penalty! And the game said "It looked harsh! It is surprising

And these are exactly the situations that, for example, bother me on FM and spoil my joy and good feeling from playing. When the game invents some nonsense which even graphically looks completely meaningless. The player had no way to pass through.

I have question. Where the game saw foul?  878783249_Snmkaobrazovky2021-02-06o15_45_01.thumb.jpg.20d85ae447cb0c5cc39a0a942933886a.jpg848434456_Snmkaobrazovky2021-02-06o15_45_21.thumb.jpg.70f7ed9384793f904d3ee5cc39066fdc.jpg

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