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I can not start with my own created team


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Hi, Guys
I would need to contact you for some FM21 pre-game editor case that really drives me crazy. 

So, I would presume to ask you here about my adventure of Sportege FC - my customized club. Actually I have done all the steps towards the completion of the club, and unfortunately just before starting the job, I realized that I can't start with my team (it was shown in grey color and was unplayable). The team is in Premier League, replacing Fulham and so on down to the other English competitions (Rotherham in League One, Accrington Stanley in League Two and etc.). The Sportege's finance was appointed as very rich and also 6 points of club culture - the features that wasn't shown at the starting page.

I hope I explain the case in quite understandable way and would need your help. Could you please give me three reasons why I can't start with my team? I think that I can handle the case afterwards by my own.

Georgi Trankov 
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What year did you set for your club being formed?  When I last tried to add teams lower down in England many years ago there was a rule where your club had to exist for 3 or 5 years before you could play in the FA cup.  I don't know if that is stll the case in the game,   if you have it set to 2020 or another recent year, try to make your club a decade or more older and see if that works.

Edit:  Ignore that.  I quickly threw a newly created club into the Premier league also replacing Fulham with the Year Founded as 2020 and that team is available to select.   Also they do play in all competions. 


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Well, unfortunately, there is no progress with my case. When I look closer to the screenshots and compare, no finances and training facilities information has been shown on my picture, despite the fact that I filled every each of the position there. What could be the reason at the end, I have no longer options and suggestions? Could you please give me a hint there or sent me more screenshots on the steps (on private if you would like)?

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