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Throw-in Defensive Positioning Bug

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About 4 or 5 games in a row, kept on conceding from highlights that start with a short throw-in. Thought I would analyse the situation and have realised my players are going completely out of position.

My centre mids are going up front, strikers coming back to the edge of the box and one of my centre back has swapped with my right back.

I concede from this in the attached PKM (24th minute).

Throw in positioning.pkm

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1 hour ago, Hallothere said:

Hear you !! But i am telling you, you are not going to get a responsfrom SI, bugs like these have been posting many times, whithout any kind of responds from SI :(

They dont have time, they take our money and that's it. They working on FM 2022 who nobody will buy because this behavior

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It's driving me insane. I've lost count at the number of times my player throws it straight to the opposing player, who then hits one through ball for their striker to run through to score on the counter attack!!

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