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Chairman does contracts instead of DoF?

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Hi Guys, 


This might be a bug, (if so, i shall post this in the correct place), but I like my DoF to handle the odd contract negotiation for a new player. I usually leave it set to me, but then select the DoF when the negotiation screen pops up. 

At Burnley, the Chairman Mike Garlick appears in this box instead of the DoF - I can see no option on the 'responsibilities' page to stop Mr Garlick from being the preferred option to negotiate with the player. Has anyone else had this, or is it known that Mike Garlick likes to be in charge and is hard coded, etc? Or, am I simply missing an option. 

I will note, that at my previous clubs, Motherwell and Cardiff, this button would always show the DoF. I have only noticed this at Burnley. 

burnley example.png

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