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FIFA Club World Cup is broken and shouldn't be in the game.

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Hello folks at SIGAMES!

I'd like to ask you if there's any roadmap for the FIFA Club World Cup not to be in the game any more, at least in the state it is now. 

The dates for this competition are broken, so, you will have the first game, then 7 days of space between the first and the second game.... And if you manage to win both, Quarter Finals start with only 1 day interval. 
I can show that in a save, if that's something you haven't seen yet. 

Also, with COVID, the idea of this competition got cancelled, and we are having the same structure as past years, which is not anymore in the game. 

So my questions are: 
- Are you guys fixing Dates for this competition so it can be at least enjoyable to play?
- Are you guys bringing back the similar competition with less teams at the end of the year?
- If anybody out there, with Editing skills can answer... Is it possible for me to fix that via the editor? Even bringing back the year end competition?

Thanks in advance!


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hey @thiagotietze

We have raised the issue of Club World Cup scheduling internally.

We base the FM version on the real thing ... which seems less than perfect particularly with European schedules. (as for COVID, we didn't put everything COVID into the game - it's more fun to have competitions available to play, fans in the stadium etc. )

In the real CWC, there's plenty of uncomfortable scheduling, I remember Klopp being less than happy at fixture congestion...

Appreciate the feedback, and I'm really sorry for the frustration the CWC causes in FM.

But we do have an issue open where we explore what we can do to mitigate the problems it causes. Happy to take on constructive ideas :)

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