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6 hours ago, Robadob2 said:

Hi when i see the results screen i can only click on the results later in the day lower down on the same screen.

Is this supposed to be like this.

Im managing Barcelona and cant click on real madrids result to see who scored.


Only results from the 'current' time of day are stored on mobile devices at present - this avoids bloating up save games and slowing down processing.

Can I check what you mean by 'results screen' - I'm guessing you're looking at something like the Champions League table where results are displayed below it?

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Just when you see the results by themselves each day.

Thats fine wasnt sure if i had something wrong in settings.

Also when i scroll down some of the pages with my thumb it accidentally swipes to the right to a different screen is there anyway you can turn the swiping pages to the right off?, i just use the drop down menus.

Thanks for your help.


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