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Luxembourg Legend [FM21]


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Welcome everyone to my newest save. We are attempting to take Luxembourg to the top of global football.

Lets start with the side we have been given the job at...


We have only been given a one year deal at the media predicted last place side. So we will have a battle on our hands to stay in the top division as 4 of the 16 sides get relegated every year.


We play in the BGL Ligue (top-flight of Luxembourg) as a semi professional side. Furthermore the league registration rules demand that no more than 9 players can be foreigners. So this will require us to be cunning with our signings.


Even the board doesn't think we will stay up. However, I don't want to spend long without European football. So hopefully we can turn this culture around.


I likewise will be starting out with the beginning badge and background. With most of the side averaging 2k to 5k a year in salary I'm shocking to be making 81k per year. I hope my contract alone doesn't sink the club.


We also don't have much budget to play with and I have set my sights on maybe one or two youth signings for the future and the rest for re-signing players.


We may have to sell to make money for the first few years. I'm happy to see some players value in the 100's of thousands in the BGL Ligue. Hopefully we can have some good showings and therefore sell-on some talent to keep us afloat until the European money comes in.


The playing staff curtails in ability quickly outside the first team and so that will be our first area of business.

By far our best player is Johannes Steinbach.


He also starts alongside our best potential player Eric Brandenburger.


I feel a lot better with our two best players being defenders. However, if even our defenders are not up to the task. We will be in for a long season.

We managed to sign two youth Luxembourger players. First is our second string left defensive winger Pol Kips.


Kips came to us from top 3 side in the BGL Ligue, Titus Petange. We had to pay 5k which we desperately needed, but at 1.5 star CA and 4 star PA he is our highest potential left winger by a long way.

Second and lastly is Andre Silva.


Another Luxembourger this time with 5 star PA to go with his 2 star CA. Silva was a can't miss signing at left inverted wing-back. We bought him for 2k from mid-table side RM Hamm Benfica in the BGL Ligue.

The most exciting part about Silva is he should break-in to the first eleven this year.

This brings us to zero transfer budget remaining and only 3k in annual wages to play with. Hopefully a good mid-season record might earn us a wage increase from the board.

This concludes July 2020's monthly update.

I will be posting an update every month (in-game). If you have any questions or requests on what to see or review. Feel free to comment and I will try to include it.

Welcome again to one man's attempt to do the impossible as we hope to take Luxembourg to the very top.

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August 2020


With month one in the bag.  We sit in last place with 1 point from our first 3 league games. We played 7th, 9th, and 11th media prediction wise. Una Strassen should have been our best chance at 3 points at home, but they got an early own goal and we never recovered.



We were also drawn against FC Differdange in the cup. They currently sit 7th in the league right now, but only are 14th in media prediction. The board need us to get through this round, but it is an uphill climb.



Unfortunately we have also dropped into the red financially. Furthermore we still have around 11 players to re-sign for next year.



This month we will review our keeper pipeline. As you can see it is sparse. I think we will be letting Simonin and dos Santos go at the earliest opportunity and hopefully finding a star youth prospect at keeper next off-season.

Niklas Burger


The only standout is our 6'6" club home-grown player, Burger. He also holds the captain's armband and is in charge of sculpting our young mentees. Hopefully that determination can rub off.

Our next match is away against FC Etzella who is a relegation side according to the media predictions. We need to beat them both home and away to have a shot at staying up.

Lets get to it boys!

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