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Macbook overheating.

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I've played FM 21 on this MacBook Pro for 2 weeks now, and after primarily turning down all the quality to low so that it could run smoothly without the fans kicking in every 5 minutes. Just today as soon as I enter the game the fans go full pace. Is there anything else I can do part from turning down the quality to make it run smooth?


In addition to this I have a logo pack and skin pack downloaded and used in game not sure if that makes a difference or not. 

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It would depend on the exact model as to what could be the cause, I know I've seen a fair bit historically regarding them running very hot with iCore processors.

Might be worth monitoring temperatures and seeing if they're a driving factor or if its just the case its ramping up when there is something that adds more onto the processor. 

If it is temperatures, then realistically your options are limited with a macbook. Ensuring you're using it on a surface that doesn't just create a feedback loop of additional heat like resting it on a cushion or on a bed. You could also look at something like a cooling pad, but with the extras involved with that it likely detracts from the one of the main reasons to have a macbook in the first place.

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