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Training Calendar - unintended page changing


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Summary: Training Calendar view changing month page when changing regime

Description of Issue: When user goes to Training Calendar and current month's last week is shared with next month when user changes page to another month and changes regime for that shared week calendar page changes VIEW back to previous month without changing date in month navigation area resulting in showing different month than in month description.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Be sure that last week in current month is shared with next month
  2. Go to Training
  3. Go to Calendar
  4. Change view to next month with 'right arrow' on top of the screen
  5. Change regime for that first week of the next month that is shared with current month
  6. Calendar view is changed to current month while month description next to navigation buttons (left/right arrows) stays with next month name

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloudFootball Manager 2021 2021-01-23 13-45-15.mp4

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