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Youth intake

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You're showing the bottom half of the youth intake only, so it will look worse than looking at them overall. Second, it's a bad idea to instantly judge 15/16 yo players who just walked into the club. Give them a few (at least a couple) of years first. Third, you're in Northern Ireland, a nation not known for producing Messi and Ronaldo players.

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The stars on the intake is compared to your current batch of players. So if you have very good players, then the stars will be lower. So in general, the better the team the "poorer" the intake (in comparison). Also, you are playing in Northern Ireland, and they are not exactly a power house, so I imagine the youth level of the country itself is not that high. And add a mix of randomness into it and that can happen, and most years it will, but the facilities, youth coaching and recruitment impacts and will increase the odds for great players.

I'd look to improve the youth coaching as the first step since that is behind the others.

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